These Steve Trevor 'Wonder Woman 2' Theories Are Officially Taking Over The Internet

by Ani Bundel
Warner Brothers

This week, filming began for the new Wonder Woman sequel (currently called Wonder Woman 1984). Director Patty Jenkins celebrated the start of production by posting pictures to her Twitter account of the lead actors, one of which included none other than Chris Pine, aka the late Steve Trevor. Fans were blown away at the immediate spoiler reveal. Somehow, 70 years on, Steve is still alive and kicking, after he died in the first film. Since then, fans have been coming up with Steve Trevor Wonder Woman 2 theories to explain how that could be.

The start of filming on the Wonder Woman sequel is particularly exciting to me because of the mall they're using, which we see in the background of Jenkins' photos. This is actually the mall in my childhood city where I once hung out as a teenager. As far back as I can remember, the mall was always on the run down side (the heyday of malls were long past by the time I was a teen) so seeing it spruced up and full of life is great, especially when that life includes Steve Trevor and Diana Prince.

But how is Trevor there at all? Viewers saw him die in the first film. Diana mourned him before moving on to Justice League. How is he back again?

One theory revolves around Steve having bathed in the waters of Themyscira in the first movie. As fans know, the Amazons of the island are immortal, and so is Diana. This theory rests on the idea immortality comes from something in the water of the island. Since Steve bathed there, he must have had it rub off on him.

But it seems a bit of a stretch. If Trevor was immortal and survived the plane explosion, wouldn't he have come back and found Diana by the end of the first movie? Wouldn't he have been around her for decades? Besides, immortal doesn't mean non-aging. If Trevor survived, he would be a very old man. More importantly, wouldn't he still be around in the present day-set Justice League?

Another theory is this is Steve Jr, or even Steve III. Steve Trevor had a kid he didn't know about, and this is his descendant who Diana has run into. The two of them are now working on a whole new adventure where he's in love with her and she's like "this is weird and creepy, kiddo."

But that doesn't jive with Patty's tweet, which specifically states:

Welcome to 1984, Steve Trevor.

She doesn't say "Steve Trevor Jr.," or "Steve Trevor III." It could be just her screwing with fan's minds, but the forthrightness with which she spoiled it suggests not.

Steve Trevor, non-aged, suggests something else. There's the possibility he was "tossed through time." Perhaps all the throwing around of superpowers on the ground caused him to be thrown forward by several decades when the plane exploded.

This would add up, but there's a problem. This is already the domain of another superhero, Chris Evans, in another franchise. It would be just a little awkward to have two "out of time" Chrises in two different superhero franchises. But it's also hard to buy because one of the remarkable things about Steve Trevor is how painfully 1980s he's dressed. I mean, he's got on a starter jacket, a fanny pack, white sneakers with black pants, the works. A "tossed through time" Steve would probably be more comfortable in 1920s-era clothes, no?

The final thought is this isn't Steve at all. It's just a vision Diana is having — a Steve who she talks to in her head. That's one way to bring Chris Pine back. But I think fans are all hoping there's a little magic involved and it's the real deal.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives in theaters on November 1, 2019.