These spring Zoom backgrounds will give you so much wanderlust.

These Scenic Zoom Backgrounds Include A California Superbloom & Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Sumiko Scott/Moment/Getty Images

It's officially that time of year to shed your parkas, break out your sunglasses, and switch your Zoom background to one that better represents the flowers and sunshine of spring. After a long, cold winter, you're probably more than ready to shake off the seasonal blues in anticipation for warmer days ahead — and your next virtual meeting or happy hour should reflect that. With scenes from Japan's cherry blossom bloom to Monet's garden in France, these spring Zoom backgrounds will give you so much inspiration to brighten up your next video call.

To upload a virtual background without a green screen, you'll need to make sure you have a PC or Mac computer with Zoom version 5.2.0 (and a supported processor) to get started using Zoom's virtual background feature. To use with a green screen, you'll need Zoom desktop version 3.5 or higher. To access the feature on mobile, you need Zoom mobile app 5.3.0 or higher. iOS users can use it with an iPhone 8, 8+, or X, an iPad Pro, or a 5th and 6th generation 9.7” iPad. Meanwhile, Android customers need an Android 8.0 or higher with at least 3GB of RAM, GPU, and an arm64 processor.

If you don't want to use one of Zoom's backgrounds, it's so easy to upload your own by using a high-res image or video from royalty-free image services like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels. Once you save the image you want to use, you'll need to go to Zoom's Settings tab and then open Backgrounds & Filters. Once you tap the plus sign by the virtual background tab to upload your image, your Zoom background will be transformed into a spring scene of your choosing. While there are countless options to choose from, here are some picks to help inspire you.

1. California Superbloom

Virtually transport yourself to a field of poppies in the Anza-Borrego desert to experience one of California's iconic superblooms.

Unsplash/Pamela Heckel

2. Whimsical Easter Spread

Give your virtual Easter festivities a fun and whimsical touch with this spread of painted eggs, hot pink feathers, and pearl candies.

3. Flowering Tree

Imagine you have a flowering cherry blossom tree behind you during your meeting with this scenic image by Kristina Paukshtite.

4. Ireland

Indulge your wanderlust with this photo of a flower-covered peninsula in Ireland's Saltee Islands.

5. Palm Springs Pool Party

Dreaming of pool weather? This Palm Springs backyard from West Elm complete with a pool and patio will make you feel like you're about to go for a swim after your video call.

West Elm

6. Eiffel Tower Covered With Flowers

These spring flowers partially covering the Eiffel Tower will give you major wanderlust for one of the best times of the year to visit the City of Lights.

7. Tulum Jungle

Craving warm weather? Virtually head off the grid and tap into some spring break vibes by taking your video call from a Tulum balcony by the beach.

8. Monet's Garden

Take your next meeting in Claude Monet's famed garden pond in Giverny, France, thanks to this background that'll make you feel like you're literally inside one of his paintings.

9. Japanese Cherry Blossoms

One of the most well-known harbingers of spring in Japan are the cherry blossoms, making this image the perfect segue to the changing of seasons.

Unsplash/Sora Saguro

10. Field of Tulips

There are few flowers associated with spring more than tulips, and adding a background of the classic blooms is an easy way to brighten up your call.

11. Butterflies On Flowers

These Monarch butterflies nestled atop some sunflowers will instantly transport you to sunnier days.

12. Easter Eggs

This classic yet aesthetic Hallmark background of Easter eggs will get you in the mood for what might be the ultimate springtime holiday.


13. Egg Decorating Station

Not celebrating Easter with your friends and family in-person this year? This realistic scene of an egg decorating station will make you feel like you're still taking part in some of your favorite traditions.

14. Dog Frolicking In Field

This background of a dog playing in a field of bluebells will help you embrace the more lighthearted spirit of the season.