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These Songs About Girl Power Will Make You Feel Like The Superhero You Are

The entertainment industry is full of strong, unique women with an abundance of talent. Luckily, many of those women in the music world channel their personalities into their work to create music magic for their fans. Over the years, dozens of artists have put out songs about girl power full of emotion, strength, and individuality.

Girl power songs are the perfect addition to any playlist. Especially those for birthday outings, bachelorette parties, backyard hangouts, or simply anytime you and your best gals get together. If you need a song that will make you feel like the badass you are, these are perfect options. These tunes are also go-tos for if you're struggling with self-confidence, or are looking to embrace your womanhood as you embark on a new journey, whether that be school, work, or in your personal life.

Scroll down to listen to the best of the best songs about girl power and be sure to add them to your playlist ASAP.

1. Alicia Keys — "Girl On Fire"

Key's 2012 hit is all about how strength comes within. The chorus reflects how a positive attitude can change everything: "Everybody stands, as she goes by / Cause they can see the flame that's in her eyes / Watch her when she's lighting up the night / Nobody knows that she's a lonely girl / And it's a lonely world / But she gon' let it burn, baby, burn, baby."

2. Beyoncé — "Run The World"

Who run the world? GIRLS!

Beyonce even says so. In this anthem, Bey gets women fired up by singing, "This goes out to all my girls / That's in the club rocking the latest / Who will buy it for themselves / And get more money later."

3. Destiny's Child — "Independent Women"

This 2001 smash hit's title says it all. The girls sing about needing no one but themselves to be happy: "The watch I'm wearin', I've bought it / The house I live in, I've bought it / The car I'm driving, I've bought it / I depend on me, I depend on me."

4. Cyndi Lauper — "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"

Lauper gets real about not letting a man, or anyone else, hold her back.

She sings: "Some boys take a beautiful girl / And hide her away from the rest of the world / I want to be the one to walk in the sun / Oh girls, they wanna have fun."

5. Chaka Khan — "I'm Every Woman"

This song may be from 1978, but in 2020, the message still rings loud and clear.

"I'm every woman / It's all in me," Khan sings. "Anything you want done, baby, / I'll do it naturally / Whoa, whoa, whoa."

6. Taylor Swift — "The Man"

Swift digs deep into the world of sexism with this song. On the chorus, she croons: "I'm so sick of running / As fast as I can / Wondering if I'd get there quicker / If I was a man / And I'm so sick of them / Coming at me again' / Cause if I was a man / Then I'd be the man."

7. Miley Cyrus — "Mother's Daughter"

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to where Cyrus got her bad*ss vibes.

"Don't f*ck with my freedom," she sings on this girl power anthem. "I came back to get me some / I'm nasty, I'm evil / Must be something in the water or that I'm my mother's daughter."

8. Lizzo — "Good As Hell"

This song will make any girl feel good as hell anytime you listen to it. Like when Lizzo belts out: "Woo girl, need to kick off your shoes / Got to take a deep breath, time to focus on you / All the big fights, long nights that you been through / I got a bottle of Tequila I been saving for you / Boss up and change your life."

9. Hailee Steinfeld — "Most Girls"

Steinfeld sings about how all women are different, but there's one thing they all have in common: being awesome.

"Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful," she sings. "Most girls, work hard, go far, we are unstoppable / Most girls, our fight to make every day / No two are the same."

10. Jennifer Lopez — "Ain't Your Mama"

Lopez knows there's more to being a woman then cooking and cleaning and she wants others to know that too.

With lyrics like "I ain't gon' be cooking all day, I ain't your mama / I ain't gon' do your laundry, I ain't your mama," you can't help but feel inspired to put your foot down.

11. Ariana Grande — "God Is A Woman"

After listening to Grande's song, you, too, will start believing that God is a woman.

12. Dua Lipa — "IDGAF"

If any girl is in a funk after going through a bad breakup, this song by Lipa can help get you out of it. In it, she sings about kicking a terrible ex completely out of her life, because she doesn't need that energy.

"You say you're sorry / But it's too late now / So save it, get gone, shut up'," she sings. "'Cause if you think I care about you now / Well, boy, I don't give a f*ck."

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