This Genius Sephora Launch Just Made Depotting Your Favorite Shades Easier Than Ever

by Stephanie Montes

Between organizing your favorite shades, saving space in your vanity, and the feeling of customizing your own palette, there are so many benefits to depotting your eyeshadows. Unfortunately, the road to #VanityGoals almost always leads to broken makeup and wasted packaging. But thanks to these new Sephora Collection eyeshadow singles, you can depot (and repot) all your favorite colors without having to risk cracked edges or shattered shades.

I try (huge emphasis on try) to keep my vanity drawers as organized as possible and for the most part, I'm not terrible at it. But there are two drawers in particular that I just can not get a handle on: my eyeshadow drawers. All of my palettes are fine — they stand upright and I have them organized by color and size. That drawer is like a carefully curated bookcase with rows that show off my most-prized palettes. However, it's the individual pods I have a problem keeping straight. I used to let them float freely about my drawer, but this made finding specific colors next to impossible. So then, I tried using trays to group together similar shades, but they just overflowed and fell to the bottom of my drawer again.


The obvious solution was to depot everything and organize my shadows neatly in magnetic palettes. I had this vision of emptying my beauty junk drawer one eyeshadow at a time and transforming it into another library of palettes. The saying "easier said than done" has never been so true.

Four hours into my attempt of depotting my makeup, I had eyeshadow stains everywhere (on my clothes, hands, vanity, my rug, everywhere!), countless broken shadows (RIP), and maybe one half-full (or in this case, half-empty) magnetic palette. I broke more eyeshadows than I had successfully transferred and my cute little afternoon activity had gone from Pinterest-worthy to sad and pathetic. I completely regretted giving this depotting project a go.

Before I broke out my tools and prepared to perform surgery on my eyeshadow pods, I watched a few YouTube videos and read instructions on how to remove the shades seamlessly and none of them told me how risky the process could be. And of course, in my fog of excitement, I started with my favorite color and shattered it to sparkly dust. Ever since, I completely wrote off the trendy hack and vowed to just deal with my packed eyeshadow drawer (#BeautyEditorProblems).

One of the shadows that now rests in pieces, was my favorite Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Peonies Forever, a rose gold shimmer that made my eyes pop, even on its own. Even months later, I'm still kicking myself for breaking it. But next month, thanks to this genius invention, my eyeshadow drawer will not only be more organized, I won't have to break a bunch of shades in the process.

Available on April 1, Sephora Collection is releasing 40 new shades (in addition to their original 40 — translation: that's 80 shades to choose from) of their Colorful Eyeshadow in brand new packaging. The pods will be available for $8 and come in a smaller, standard size (think MAC-eyeshadow sizes) and they are making depotting a cinch.


Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Peonies Forever, $10, Sephora

The top flips open like every other eyeshadow pod, but one more flip of the packaging will completely release the powder-filled pan — no digging, no breaking, no mess. Yassss! All you have to do is pop the shadow out and it's ready to be placed into your magnetic palette. And the best part is, if you change your mind (you might not want to travel with a whole palette), you can pop the pan back in and you have yourself an eyeshadow pod again. Say it with me: Ooooooo!