People Are Sharing Pushpin Location Memes On Twitter That'll Make You Say, "Yup"

Whenever someone uses a teeny, tiny pushpin emoji, I usually expect to see their current location beside it. However, people on Twitter have been utilizing the red symbol for a reason you'd never expect. Instead of sharing their actual whereabouts, folks are using the emoji in pushpin location memes, and they're going viral for an understandable reason. Why is that, you ask? Oh, because they're way too relatable. Once you come across a few that resonate with you, you'll want to keep scrolling to find more that'll make you say, "Yup, that's me."

If you want to see hundreds of hilarious location memes, log onto Twitter use the red pushpin emoji in the search box. (I wrote the word "me" next to the symbol for a more accurate search.) If you don't feel like digging through the depths of Twitter to find relatable pushpin memes, I have you covered. In order to fulfill your viral needs, I rounded up quite a few tweets that you might connect with. Some of them reference music, and some of them talk about self care. Others refer to dating, Netflix, dogs, and more.

Let's talk about dating, first. Tons of Twitter users are using the pushpin location meme to talk about their love lives, and I can totally relate.

Other people are using the viral meme to discuss self-care.

Real talk: I can totally relate to the haircut one (especially whenever I cut my bangs on the whim).

Speaking of self care, a lot of people are talking about getting a good night sleep in the pushpin location memes.

Another popular pushpin location meme topic involves music festivals and concerts. Apparently, a lot of people would rather choose live music over adulting (and I don't blame them).

Speaking of music, tons of people are using the viral meme to reference their favorite artists. Some examples I found on Twitter mention Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Drake, and Queen.

In addition to music, Twitter users are referencing their favorite movies and TV shows in their memes. As someone who watches The Office regularly, I can totally relate to this one:

Here's one for Friends fans (I know you're out there):

Those who watch Harry Potter on the reg are also acknowledging the viral Twitter meme:

Entertainment aside, lots of people have been using the meme to talk about their everyday lives. Some folks have referenced their admiration for iced coffee, while others have used it to show how much they love petting dogs.

Someone even acknowledged that super awkward moment when you tell your waiter or waitress to "enjoy their food, too."

As you can see, Twitter is overflowing with pushpin location memes — and there's a good chance you can connect with a few of 'em (I know I can). If you're feeling compelled to make your own, get your emoji ready and start brainstorming #relatable scenarios.