Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Just Kicked Off Their Romantic AF Caribbean Honeymoon

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are soaking up all of their marital bliss on their honeymoon. After getting married in India in December and spending New Year's in Switzerland with family and friends, the couple finally has some alone time and has jetted off to the Caribbean to celebrate being newly named Mr. and Mrs. Fans got to see a sneak peak of the newlyweds in the photos of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' honeymoon, and oh boy, do they look ever so much in love.

The pair are off on a Caribbean vacation for their ~romantic~ trip, and lucky for us, they're not against posting pictures while there. Jonas posted a photo of him and Chopra posing all cute and what not by a pool and captioned it, "Mr. & Mrs. Jonas." Jonas is wearing a mustard yellow suit and smoking a cigar in the photo, and Chopra is standing behind him, her face beaming, wearing a white and blue floral maxi dress. Behind them is an infinity pool, which I will always be jealous of.

Universe, please grant me the money it will take for me to live out my bougie as hell dreams of having access to an infinity pool whenever I see fit. Please.

Chopra has stayed silent on her account (can't blame her, she seems busy), but Jonas posted a video to his Instagram story showing a peaceful AF moment.

The video showed Chopra and Jonas right by the ocean. Chopra was swinging on a swing that was set up between two palm trees. Then he panned around to show viewers his own face. Hi, Nick!

When he turned the camera back around, the view was disGUSTING.

Nick Jonas on Instagram

Absolutely A T R O C I O U S.

Nick Jonas on Instagram

Such a shame their honeymoon location ended up not being the most beautiful place I've ever seen! (Yeah, right.)

And get this: Nick Jonas pulled a total Edward Cullen and kept the honeymoon location a complete surprise. (Yes, I just made a Twilight reference with zero shame. What are ya gonna do about it, huh?!)

E! News reports that Jonas took the reins on planning "the whole honeymoon and surprised Priyanka with the celebration."

"She had no idea it was going to be the Caribbean and Nick is planning everything for the trip, it's all a complete surprise to Priyanka," the source said. "She knew it was a honeymoon trip but didn't find out where they were going until they landed."

Just before this, the couple was in Verbier, Switzerland for a ski trip with Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and friends.

They even posted shots of their New Year's kiss...

...Which was heckin' adorable.

Chopra captioned her sweet post, "From mine to yours.. Happy new year everyone! #2019."

I definitely didn't see Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas as a couple coming, but I'm happy so happy they happened, because they are so adorable together!! Enjoy your honeymoon, ya crazy, adorable lovebirds.