Jeffree Star House Tour

These Photos Of Jeffree Star's House Are Right Out Of A Fairy Tale

Courtesy of Jeffree Star on YouTube

Jeffree Star is proud of how far he's come over the years. The makeup mogul is not shy to share life milestones with his fans, and moving into his new home in 2020 was no exception. While fans were in love with Star's previous pink Barbie Dream House, these photos of Jeffree Star's house will have followers drooling over his gorgeous Hidden Hills estate.

Star purchased the nearly $15 million home in December 2019. During his January 2020 YouTube house tour, Star nearly teared up reflecting on all the hard work he's put into making his dreams, like the mansion, a reality.

"Now, I woke up this morning, and — can we get deep for a second? — I sobbed," Star said to the camera. "I cried happy tears this morning because it has been such a crazy journey getting here, and I think sometimes people only see the success or the rewards. But on a real level, six years ago I had $500 to my name."

He added: "I'm proud that I'm self-made. I'm proud that I've gotten this far on my own. And when I quit music, I literally had about $400-plus left. It was me, Diva, and Diamond in my apartment, and I had dreams of starting a makeup line."

Scroll down to check out 10 photos of Star's house that will leave you daydreaming of how you'd decorate the large space.

The Entry Way
Jeffree Star/YouTube

The moment you walk into Star's home, a double stairway and a gorgeous skylight greet guests. It looks like something out of a fairy tale.

The Security Room
Jeffree Star/YouTube

Star's security room looks like a scene from a Hollywood film. In the dark space, those who protect Star's house, along with their cameras and other security measures, have a nice place to conduct business.

The Dining Room
Jeffree Star/YouTube

Star is a social butterfly, so it's no surprise he needed a large space to host all of his close pals. His dining room table alone can sit 14 people.

The Kitchen
Jeffree Star/YouTube

Star could literally stock up for months with his triple refrigerators. The room also boasts gorgeous countertops and plenty of room to cook — or have someone cook for him, Star joked.

The Dog's Room — & Art Studio
Jeffree Star/YouTube

Star made sure he had a big enough space for his Pomeranian pups to run around and soak up the sun. The room doubles as his creative space, too.

The Gym
Jeffree Star/YouTube

Star won't need to leave the house for a good workout. His two-story fitness facility is bigger than most hotel gyms.

Gold Bedroom Vibes
Jeffree Star/YouTube

In his first home tour video, Star said he was still in the process of redoing many of the rooms to put his own twist on them. During a follow-up YouTube video, Star showed off the new entry way to his bedroom featuring gold Versace wallpaper.

The Beauty Barn
Jeffree Star/YouTube

With a *huge* vacant house on his property, Star revealed he plans to turn the space into a Beauty Barn. The 5,400 square foot barn will feature a nail salon, hair salon, and, of course, have pieces of his Jeffree Star makeup line all over for guests to use.

Front Views
Jeffree Star/YouTube

At the end of his follow-up video, Star stood proudly in front of his picturesque house surrounded by gorgeous flowers. The home greets guests with a sign that reads "Pomeranian Palace," a nod to Star's dogs.

The Full Home Tour

Check out Star's full house tours below!