Beyoncé Went To A Lizzo Show This Weekend & I Need A Collab

Dia Dipasupil/Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Beyoncé just took a DNA test. Turns out, she's 100% a Lizzo fan. That's right, fam. Beyoncé was at a Lizzo performance, meaning our peasant selves truly have no reason not to get to one. Lizzo is on a roll with her live shows right now, slaying at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 26, and now doing a set at JAY-Z's Made In America festival in Pennsylvania. Since it's JAY-Z's festival, it's only natural Queen Bey would be there, and these photos of Beyoncé watching Lizzo's Made In America performance are going to make you so happy for Lizzo. This is what happens when you love yourself, people. Beyoncé loves you right back.

Lizzo took to the Made In America festival stage on Sunday, Sept. 1. After her set was done, she posted a pair of photos to her Instagram that showed her performing, but with some special guests chilling backstage when you look closely.

"Swipe to lose your f*cking mind 🐝," Lizzo said in her Instagram caption.

The "Truth Hurts" singer also posted the same two photos to her Twitter, saying, "A story in two parts" in her caption.

Lizzo, meet Beyoncé. Beyoncé, meet Lizzo.

I need a collab! Could you imagine how incredible a song between Beyoncé and Lizzo would be?!

Fans are so excited for Lizzo.

Fans also caught videos of Bey and Jay bopping along to Lizzo's set, like every model citizens should.

One of Lizzo's performers, who can be seen on stage while Bey and Jay watched in the video above, posted about the Queen watching their performance on her Instagram story.

She, Lizzo, and other members of the crew sang a Beyoncé-themed version of "Jesus Loves Me."

In the video, Lizzo and her gang are heard singing, "Beyoncé loves us, this I know, my peripheral tells me so," and "Yes, Beyoncé loves me! And JAY-Z, too." That, they do, Lizzo! That. They. Do.

This appears to be the closest Lizzo has gotten to meeting Beyoncé. Lizzo didn't reveal if she met the queen after her set (I mean... she was right there, how could she not have said hello?), but maybe she did and just can't talk about it. (Bey's "Top Off" lyrics say it pretty clearly: If you want to party with the queen, you have to sign a nondisclosure.)

In an interview with Australian radio host Tim Shiel on Aug. 22, however, Lizzo said she's had plenty of chances to meet Beyoncé. She's just been too scared to actually do it.

"I've never met Beyoncé," she said in the interview. "I’ve had many opportunities because she was in the room or someone’s like ‘Have you met B? You want me to introduce you?’ And I always say ‘Nope!’ Because I’m so scared, like I’m so scared to meet her." Honestly, same.

When asked what she would do if/when she met her, Lizzo said she had no idea what she was going to do, but Bey might have made her bite the bullet and introduce herself this weekend. No time like the present!