Here's How You & Your Girl Squad Can Transform Into The 'Ocean's 8' Cast This Halloween

by Ani Bundel
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The trick to doing a group costume set for a Halloween party is to get as many people to participate as you can. Foursomes are perfect to portray tightknit groups, but what if your squad has double that number? There aren't a lot of sets of women friends who can fit an eight-some, and still have everyone stand as their own character. That is until Ocean's 8 came out this year. These Ocean's 8 group costume ideas are perfect for a diverse group of girls to sashay into a party and slay.

The problem is, some of the serious looks from Ocean's 8 are from the Met Gala scenes, and those are dresses that, though everyone would love to wear one, budgets don't support, especially for a single evening. So unless you're willing to pull a Pose and rob a museum, chances are, you're going to have to aim slightly lower. Thankfully, Amazon has almost everything anyone would need to pull off all eight of the Ocean's 8 ladies and their looks.

That's not to say you have to dress down for all these outfits, Debbie Ocean wouldn't be herself without a fur coat. But there are ways to do it and not break the bank.

Debbie Ocean
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Debbie's signature look is a black outfit and the big white fur coat. You can go with a little black dress ($18 on Amazon) to mimic her "just out of jail" look, or a black catsuit ($8 on Amazon) like in the ending train scene. Just don't skip the faux fur coat ($23 on Amazon) or the long ironed brown hair ($10 on Amazon).

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Though everyone remembers Lou's green three-piece velvet suit, the practical option is to go with her daywear outfit. It's still flared velvet pants ($20 on Amazon), a blouse ($6 on Amazon), and a vest ($20 on Amazon), plus a loosely-tied tie ($8 on Amazon.) Add a blonde flip wig ($16 on Amazon) and a hard stare.

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Tammy is preppy in all her stylings. The train look is actually her easiest look, with a long grey coat ($28 on Amazon), a preppy beige sweater ($20 on Amazon), and a blonde wig ($16 on Amazon). Add your nicest jeans and heels.

Rose Weil
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Rose's eccentric style means you get to go wild on some fundamental pieces. Get a black cardigan ($18 on Amazon) and a black turban ($13), and then pin stuff all over it as you see fit. Add eyeglasses ($18) and you're set.

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Amita is the most romantic of the crew, so the first moment she can, she switches to these floral print day dresses ($20 on Amazon). Add the red coat ($25) from the train scene on top if you're so inclined.

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The first of the two "street hustler" looks, Constance's iconic outfit is the hooded trench coat ($10 on Amazon) from the park over a T-shirt and jeans, plus a red knit hat ($10). Add a deck of playing cards as a prop.

Nine Ball
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Nineball spends most of her time in torn wide-legged jeans and a green flannel shirt ($25 on Amazon) when she's not wearing a '90s-era Baha pullover ($16). Dress your dreads any way you like, but don't forget the round blue sunglasses ($10).

Daphne Kruger
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Listen, it doesn't matter what kind of evening gown your wear as long as it's dark bubblegum pink. Amazon has them as cheap as $20. What matters is that you wear the biggest, ugliest fake diamond necklace you can get your hands on. Etsy has a ton of "Statement Crystal Necklaces" that will do, which can run from $20 to $100, depending on your taste.