These new TikTok effects for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and Pro Max include so many festive options.

Make Your Vids So Festive With These Immersive New iPhone 12 TikTok Effects


During a year which saw a record number of new TikTok users, the social media platform is closing out 2020 with some cool new effects. You're in luck if you recently upgraded to Apple's latest generation of smartphones, because these new TikTok effects for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and Pro Max will make your videos festive AF. Here's what to know about the immersive new feature, which will be permanently available starting on Dec. 26.

Once TikTok drops the new snow playground and confetti celebration effects as part of its virtual year-end celebration on Dec. 26, users with Apple's newest iPhone line will be able to turn any video into a winter wonderland. While non-iPhone 12 owners can still use the updates, you need an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or an iPhone 12 Pro Max to get the full effect. Since these two effects use the depth-sensing features of the new LiDAR Scanner to make your virtual background feel more real and immersive, you might notice that the quality isn't as good on a different device. However, all iPhone users can locate the new effects in TikTok's effects page once they launch.

While many people will realistically find themselves bored in the house come New Year's Eve, you can still get the (online) party started by dressing up in your best 2021-ready outfit and using one of these effects to virtually transport you to a confetti or snow-filled landscape. The confetti effect starts with a countdown on a giant gold disco ball, after which you'll see confetti explode all around you and gold balloon lettering with the word "2021" will appear. While the snow effect doesn't have a countdown, it virtually adds some pretty realistic soft falling snow to your backdrop. Whether you want to get the party vibes going with blasts of confetti exploding all around you or you'd rather transport yourself to a snowy wonderland with snowflakes falling all around, these effects have got you covered.


Luckily, these new TikTok effects are a permanent addition, meaning you can make every day in 2021 a party if you feel like it. Once the snow background and confetti celebration launch on Dec. 26, you can also share your creations with other TikTokers or check out their creative takes on the effects by using the hashtags #Bye2020 and #Welcome2021. Ringing in the new year might not look the same for 2021, but these iPhone 12 effects are a fun and easy way to jazz up the celebration.