Freeze Pop Skittles Are Coming This Summer, Along With 2 More New Flavors

Courtesy of Skittles

Skittles is about to make your patio season so much sweeter, thanks to the release of not one, but three new candies. With these new Skittles flavors for summer 2019, you'll be able to treat your tastebuds to some seasonal flavors. From freeze pop-inspired Skittles to Skittles Imposters, these new fruity candies will be a tasty addition to your summer candy stash.

If you're a Skittles stan, you might have already seen the latest makeover to the OG candy flavors on grocery store shelves. According to press materials shared Friday, May 17, Skittles Imposters are currently available at retailers for a fun spin on the flavors and packaging you know and love. So, why are these Skittles flavors being called "imposters?" Well, the outside color of the treat doesn't match the flavor inside, so it's a surprise in every bite.

The candies come in Alter Ego Orange, Cryptic Citrus, Sneaky Strawberry, Undercover Apple, and Raspberry Ruse flavors, so you can channel your inner sleuth and make some guesses or prepare to be surprised with each nibble. The limited-edition confections are currently only available at Walmart, so I'd make sure to browse either the 4-ounce Share Size ($1.34) or the 14-ounce Lay Down Bags ($1.98) during your next grocery run.

Courtesy of Skittles

Because 2019 is about to be the summer of Skittles, the candy company is rolling out two more new offerings in June, per press materials.

The option that immediately caught my eye? A tasty remake of the icy treats that dominated everyone's childhood: freeze pops. Remember how those frozen ice pops were like the peak of summertime refreshment? Well, now there's a Skittles candy that's fashioned after them. According to press materials, each Skittles Freeze Pop pack comes with familiar freeze pop flavors, including Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Grape, Orange, and Strawberry. It's basically a way to get your freeze pop summertime fix without the mess or the plastic packaging getting in the way.

Starting in June, these goodies will be available at Dollar General stores, and you can snag a 2-ounce bag for 85 cents.

Courtesy of Skittles

Last but not least, Skittles Sour Wild Berry will also be coming in June to tantalize your tastebuds with an array of tart flavors. According to press materials, each pack includes a "mix of Sour Strawberry, Sour Berry Punch, Sour Wild Cherry, Sour Melon Berry, and Sour Raspberry," so you can mix and match depending on your preference. IDK about you, but there's something about a sour candy that takes me right back to childhood, so I'm definitely pumped to give these a try. The limited-edition bags will be also available at Dollar General stores in 12-ounce bags for $2.55 each, or you can buy two for $4.

Between these three options, you've got your warm weather snacking covered for the next few months in the sweetest way possible. While the Skittles Sour Wild Berry and the Skittles Freeze Pops aren't available until next month, you can get an early taste of patio season now by heading to your closest Walmart and grabbing a bag or two of the Imposters. The end of summer is still months away, but I'd keep in mind that all three of these sweets are limited-edition offerings, so it's probably a good idea to stock up before fall comes around.