These New Refreshers At P.F. Chang's Can Be Enjoyed With Or Without Your Favorite Booze

If you haven't recently made your way over to P.F. Chang's, you might want to change that in the upcoming weeks. The international chain restaurant released a new line of hand-crafted Refreshers that you can enjoy any time of day, for any occasion. These new P.F. Chang's Refreshers beverages can be spiked or made as mocktails, and the options are truly limitless.

Whether you're enjoying a girls' night out, having a family gathering, or meeting co-workers for lunch, P.F. Chang's has you covered with it's new line of non-alcoholic Refreshers that can be spiked whenever you see fit. In an April 10 press release, Tana Davila, P.F. Chang's senior vice president of marketing, said the Refreshers are an exciting new menu addition for "guests who want to step outside of traditional soft drinks and have the cocktail experience without the alcohol." In the spirit of versatility, they can also be altered for people who want to transform the sweet mocktails into boozy cocktails with a their favorite liquor or one recommended by P.F. Chang's.

So let's talk about the lineup, shall we? The refreshers come in five new flavors that present a little something for everyone: Pomegranate Lemonade, Peach Boba Breeze, House-Made Ginger Beer, Strawberry Coconut Limeade, and Chang's Coconut Cooler. All the drinks are on the menu as non-alcoholic, but can be made with alcohol upon request.

P.F. Chang's

The Pomegranate Lemonade is pretty self-explanatory. This drink is made with lemonade, pomegranate juice, and garnished with a spoonful of pomegranate seeds. Though you can spike the Pomegranate Lemonade, or any Refresher for that matter, with any alcohol you want, P.F. Chang's recommends a pairing of Absolut Vodka.

Next up is the drink I'm personally most excited about — Peach Boba Breeze. This Refresher is made with black tea, popping boba pearls, fresh-squeezed lemon and sweetened with peach. To make it a boozy sip, P.F. Chang's recommends adding Knob Creek Bourbon.

For something with warmer and spicier tasting notes, try the new House-Made Ginger Beer Refresher. This mocktail is made with freshly juiced ginger root, lemon juice, and pure cane sugar, and can quickly be turned into a cocktail with Hendricks Gin or another alcohol of your choice.

Back to the fruity drinks — P.F. Chang's Strawberry Cucumber Limeade also joins this all-star lineup, offering a sip made with muddled strawberries, cucumbers, fresh lime juice, and pure cane sugar. Like it does with the House-Made Ginger Beer Refresher, P.F. Chang's recommends spiking the limeade with Hendricks Gin, if you wan't to spike it at all.

Last but not least is Chang's Coconut Cooler, a milk-based drink made with coconut milk, coconut water, pure cane sugar, and topped with nutmeg. For a boozy transformation, P.F. Chang's recommends adding Pyrat Rum.

There's only one thing more exciting than all these cocktail and mocktail flavors, and that is pairing the drinks with new, exciting food options. P.F. Chang's is releasing two new dim sum items alongside the Refreshers — Crispy Avocado Rolls, which are spring rolls made with creamy avocado, edamame and water chestnuts, and Mongolian Potstickers, dumplings made with Mongolian beef filling.

P.F. Chang's

I don't know about you, but I absolutely can't wait to try all the new food and drink options at P.F. Chang's. Here's to mocktails and cocktails all spring!