These New Floral Pattern Mixing Bowls From KitchenAid Are Perfect For Spring

Livening up my small Brooklyn kitchen can be extremely tricky. There isn't a ton of room, the appliances are tremendously outdated, and since the window faces an alleyway, it doesn't get too much sunlight. TBH, my kitchen could definitely go for a glow-up, which is why I've been eyeing these new KitchenAid stand mixer ceramic bowls. Not only are each and every one of them are super cute for springtime, but they also appear to be extremely high quality.

This year, KitchenAid is celebrating 100 years in business. And to celebrate this undeniably momentous milestone of succeeding in the appliance industry, the renowned home goods brand has created a new line of five-quart ceramic bowls that come in five gorgeous floral patterns, and between you and me, I want each and every one of them.

KitchenAid's new ceramic bowls are microwave-safe, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-safe, according to a press release. They're incredibly light, which makes transferring ingredients easy, and most importantly, each one is super durable and will end up lasting you for several years. That way, you won't feel so bad about throwing down the hefty $85 to $95 for each one — they'll basically last you a lifetime.

To start, Confetti Sprinkle is absolutely gorgeous. According to the press release, it's made for any color enthusiast and baking aficionado, and it costs $84.99.


The Parasol, on the other hand, was inspired by international travel. According to the press release, it takes inspiration from Japanese parasol umbrellas as well as Scandinavian floral designs. Each one will cost you $94.99.

The Scandi Floral, which costs $84.99, is somewhat similar to the Parasol, however, it takes a little more Scandinavian inspiration. It plays up those floral designs, and honestly, my favorite part is the bold colors.


The Whispering Floral, on the other hand, was designed to bring serene vibes to your kitchen, according to the press release. It features calm gray floral patterns and costs $84.99.


Last but not least is my absolute favorite design, the White Mermaid Lace. According to the press release, it's embossed with a 3D pattern that's inspired by traditional Japanese fish scales, and each one will cost you $94.99.

In the press release, KitchenAid's Small Appliance Marketing Leader Nikki Lockett said the brand strives to continuously produce new designs that will customers will appreciate. They believe this new line of mixing bowls could bring a fresh pop of color to any kitchen.

Lockett said:

We continue to introduce designs that we know consumers will love. Our new bowls offer function and versatility. With new textures and finishes, makers can continue to seek inspiration in the kitchen by introducing a fresh accessory to their stand mixer, adding their own personal mark.

If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty pumped to see KitchenAid's newest (and prettiest!) line sitting in my kitchen. Each design is super unique, and even though they're on the pricier side, it seems like they can endure pretty much anything. Even though I've been looking to save a little cash lately, this purchase is totally necessary. I need this.