These New 2018 Christmas Movies To Watch On Hulu Will Bring You So Much Joy


Whether Christmas movies are something you play while multitasking or sacred objects you save for viewing parties, it's a little tricky to break away from the classics and try something new. No matter how problematic they may seem, it doesn't feel right to skip The Holiday or Love Actually, but by the time those credits roll, don't you wish you spent that time watching a brand new holiday story? Streaming services have you covered for this mission, and these new 2018 Christmas movies to watch on Hulu are worth watching before the holiday magic has died away.

Although Hulu is also streaming seasonal faves like Serendipity and The Nightmare Before Christmas, it has a collection of made-for-TV holiday movies from recent years, including some from 2018. If something wasn't on Hallmark or Netflix, you may have missed out on its original run, so the picks below are from the last two years with one exception. They may not make you cry like Emma Thompson's "Both Sides Now" moment in Love Actually does, but sometimes all we need from a holiday movie is a sparkly tree and and a vaguely Christmas-esque theme.

Which of these will you stream while trimming the family tree?

'12 Dates of Christmas' (2011)
tvafterdark on YouTube

Freeform, or the ABC Family of yesteryear, has wavered in its holiday movie game, but this slightly older ABC Family movie is the Christmas-themed Groundhog Day that we all need. Perfect for playing in the background while you wrap last-minute presents, 12 Dates of Christmas follows Kate (Amy Smart) as she relives a horrible blind date on Christmas Eve over and over again. As is tradition with these kind of movies, our headstrong protagonist has to learn to change her ways before her life can return to normal. Of course, being trapped within the Christmas season adds on to those stakes, right?

'Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve' (2018)
Entertainment Tonight on YouTube

ICYMI, Life-Size 2 was the nostalgic holiday gift 20-somethings craved earlier this month, and now it's available on Hulu for your binge-watching pleasure. Tyra Banks' Eve doll comes back to life to help Grace, the daughter of the toy company CEO who created the doll, restore her failing business and save the Eve model in the process. With subtle shout-outs to the original movie and not so sneaky references to Banks' America's Next Top Model gig, Life-Size 2 has the makings of a future Christmas classic that you watch to giggle about how things have changed since the early 2000s.

'The Truth About Christmas' (2018)
MarVista Entertainment on YouTube

Also premiering on Freeform this year was The Truth About Christmas, which introduced political consultant Jillian (Kali Hawk) and her ongoing quest to produce a successful mayoral campaign for her boyfriend, George. After she has a mysterious run-in with Santa at a toy store, Jillian's first visit with George's family takes a disastrous turn when she realizes she is unable to lie. With her job and relationship on the line, Jillian has to break the spell that Santa has presumingly cast on her. Always treat retail workers kindly, folks!

'The Christmas Calendar' (2017)
ONE Media on YouTube

It's not quite as sweet as Netflix's The Holiday Calendar, but the concepts of a lost grandmother and holiday messages from an Advent calendar also feature in The Christmas Calendar. Struggling to keep her small town bakery open after the death of her grandmother, Emily (Laura Bell Bundy) receives a handmade holiday calendar from a secret admirer. The sweet but mysterious messages found in the calendar draw the rest of the town into her bakery, which helps business. Emily's feuds with French baker Gerrard (Brendon Zub) have a predictable endpoint, but who doesn't love enemies becoming something more at Christmastime?

'Tiny Christmas' (2017)
HOT Movie Trailers on YouTube

If you're looking after the little cousins this Christmas, Tiny Christmas is a good flick to have in your arsenal. Cousins Emma and Barkley aren't exactly friendly, but their holiday plans are foiled when one of Santa's elves accidentally shrinks them on Christmas Eve. Because Christmas magic doesn't work once the day is over, the elf has to hurry to fix his mistake and bring the girls back to their normal size. You probably won't want to watch this one on your own, but it'll keep any kids in your life occupied when "Santa" is taking care of presents in the next room.

What new holiday movies will you try out this year?