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Netflix Has Secret Codes That'll Help You Find Exactly What You're Looking For

Katie Yu / Netflix

With Valentine's Day approaching, it's the perfect time to Netflix and chill. Because so many movies and shows hit the streamer every single week, though, finding the right thing to watch on date night can be a real struggle. Rewatching To All the Boys I've Loved Before or Bridgerton for the tenth time is fun, but if you're ready to spice up your streaming recommendations, Netflix's secret codes for romantic movies and shows are here to help.

Here's how it works: Type in "netflix.com/browse/genre" and add the Netflix code that best suits your V-Day needs (check 'em out below). Then, enter the web address and voila! Now every viewing suggestion on your screen will correspond with the numbered code you just entered. Once you're done browsing, you can just click the main Netflix button and you'll be back on your normal homepage. (FYI: This hack only works only works on a web browser, so don't bother trying it on the Netflix mobile or TV apps.)

The codes cover nearly every swoon-worthy category you can imagine. Whether you're in the mood for something sexy or sweet, they'll help you find something to "burn for," as the Duke of Hastings would say.

If you're planning a Galentine's Day celebration, add code 1143288 to enjoy a Netflix marathon with your besties. Or maybe you're in the mood for a good reality TV marathon; in that case, type in code 81233168 to find plenty of good onscreen drama. As for movies, use code 81495 for hopelessly romantic flicks, code 76385 for juicy love triangle films, or code 3186 for teen rom-coms.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

There are also plenty of recommendations for those looking to add some *spice* to their Valentine's Day. Check out code 29281 for steamy content and code 81236278 for twisted romantic tales.

If you're still looking for the right fit, here are some of Netflix's other lovey-dovey code categories below:

  • Feel-Good Romantic Movies: 35714
  • Love Hurts: 2708690
  • LGBTQ+ Romance: 3329
  • Quirky Romance: 36103
  • Romantic Dramas Based on Books: 7940
  • Romantic Favorites: 502675
  • Romantic Tearjerkers: 9257

There are plenty of non-romantic codes, too. To find them, just search "secret Netflix codes" and let your imagination run wild. From the family movie night code (2013975) to the Latinx stories code (81282919), one is bound to speak to you.

Here's hoping you find the perfect love match on Netflix.