12 TikTokers You Should Follow For Super Quick & Easy Life Hacks

Courtesy of Iris Beilin on YouTube

TikTok has really taken off in 2020. While the social media app has been around since 2016, it wasn't until late 2019 that TikTok started becoming all the rage for influencers and users alike. TikTok might have started out as a viral dance video platform to most people, but it's grown to be so much more than that. That's why you need to follow these 12 lifestyle TikTokers ASAP.

Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae Easterling might be two of the most famous TikTokers around thanks to their dance abilities and lovable personalities, but there's so many more influencers on the app that post content just as addictive. From beauty tutorials to home decor and beyond, you'll want to follow these TikTokers' pages for easy browsing, because once you take a look at what they have to offer, you'll be heading to them for inspiration in all aspects of your life.

Whether you're looking to laugh or be inspired, this list of lifestyle TikTokers has you covered. So say goodbye to recreating TikTok dances for a while and, instead, focus on getting to know these influencers who will fill your TikTok feed with some incredible content.

1. Promise Tamang

If you're looking for costume makeup inspo ahead of a Halloween party, or just love getting sucked down makeup tutorial wormholes, Promise Tamang's TikTok will have you instantly hooked. From her ability to transform herself into a character or celeb with her makeup hacks to her perfectly executed viral challenges, Tamang's page is so much fun. It's no wonder she already has 690,000 fans following her every move.

2. Iris Beilin

Beilin's beauty tips and tricks will give you life. From super glam posts to eyebrow transformations, she knows more than a thing or two about makeup and skincare. Not to mention she has the cutest dog and most gorgeous home she often features in her TikToks for the viewing pleasure of her 440,000 fans.

3. Brittany Vest

While Vest focuses on lifestyle and fitness content, her posts aren't like every other workout guru on the internet. Vest's approach to posting healthy meals you'll actually want to eat, and fitness fashion that is reasonable and cute, has already inspired her over 110,000 fans. You'll quickly fall in love with her bubbly personality.

4. Anna O'Brien

O'Brien posts a variety of fitness videos, travel adventures, and home makeovers. Whether she's trying out a new drink, showing off her fall decor, or taking her workouts to the next level to the tune of viral TikTok songs, you'll spend hours just watching her videos. She's all about spreading positive vibes, too, which is a total perk of following her, and probably why she currently has seven million fans on the app.

5. Bria Jones

Don't miss the chance to learn how to dress like your favorite celebs, including Selena Gomez and Zendaya. Thanks to Jones' many bite-sized TikTok tutorials, you'll always feel inspired to give a new celeb-inspired look a try.

6. Jesse Kym

Fashion hauls and date night outfit inspirations are just two of the many talents of Kym. Kym is positioned in front of a blank white wall for most of his videos, which leaves the focus directly on the clothing he's wearing and point he's trying to drive across to his 255,000 fans. Follow him for more on how to recreate anime outfits and learn to accessorize on a budget.

7. Emily Shaw

Shaw, who now has 3.5 million fans on TikTok, first garnered attention in June when she showed off her interior design skills while redoing her parents' home while they were out of town. That was just a glimpse of what Shaw can do with her talent, and you won't need to turn anywhere else for bedroom overhaul or dorm decor inspo ever again.

8. Brittany Xavier

Xavier is basically your virtual personal shopping assistant. She gives tips and tricks for how to style certain items (many of which you'll already have hanging in your closet) and also shows off fashion ideas you might not ever have thought of on your own, like this genius trick to snag awesome Zara fashion finds for under $30. Her expertise has landed her over 3 million fans on the app.

9. Zahraa Berro

Berro films awesome outfit and skincare tutorials everyone can enjoy, but many of her 185,000 followers keep a special eye out for her tips and tricks for styling their hijabs. She also gives photo-posing tips, beauty hacks using products everyone has at home, and so much more.

10. Chriselle Lim

Lim is a mega-cool mom whose videos of her baby are as intriguing as her sense of style. Whether she's giving super honest fashion reviews, or teaching her 2.2 million fans how to properly apply facial moisturizer, Lim always has some new content up her sleeve.

11. Jennifer Dickerson

Dickerson is the owner of a crafting brand called Fiber Flux and decided to take her talents to TikTok to inspire others. Because of her super colorful and unique crochet content, she's gained more than 70,000 fans on the social media app.

12. Vanessa aka The Crafty Gemini

Vanessa is no stranger to producing content for YouTube and her personal blog, but she's just recently gotten the hang of TikTok. With only four posts so far, she already has over 30,000 fans thanks to her content that ranges from sewing, to quilting, and even cooking. Her hope is to inspire the younger generation to get involved in crafts, one 15-second video at a time.