These Keys Soulcare Rituals Are Prime Picks For A Self-Care Night

Cole Cook

Morning, night, 2:30 p.m. on a Tuesday — any time is the perfect time to give yourself some luxurious-feeling me-time. And Alicia Keys' Keys Soulcare has rituals for a prime self-care night. The singer's lifestyle beauty brand emphasizes transforming your beauty routine into "moments of personal ceremony." If 2020 taught me anything, it's that checking in with my body, skin, and mind are all integral parts of feeling attached to and good about myself and about the world. Whether you're planning on having a whole night to yourself or want to integrate moments of peace into your everyday routines, integrating one of Keys Soulcare's rituals is a great place to start.

"More than ever we need these rituals, these ways to tune into ourselves," Keys wrote in an Instagram video announcing the launch back in 2020. "I'll think about just bringing more ease and calm into my world. That's Soulcare." You can trust that its products are made to give your skin the best treatment possible. All of Keys Soulcare's offerings are clean, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free, all while delivering powerhouse formulas with efficacious ingredients, like charcoal, honey, lactic acid, and bakuchiol (a plant-based alternative to retinol). Your skin will be thanking you as much as your soul will.

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Keys Soulcare The Goddess Ritual

The best kind of self-care always involves a candle, and The Goddess Ritual ($93, Keys Soulcare) gives you an easy way to bring calm and self-love into your day. After you cleanse your skin, you can take a couple of minutes to massage the Skin Transformation Cream ($30, Keys Soulcare) into your skin with the Obsidian Facial Roller ($25, Keys Soulcare). As you do that, light the Sage + Oat Milk Candle ($38, Keys Soulcare) for the total sensorial experience. It's a simple routine that you can easily bring into your established morning and night regime for a few extra moments with yourself.

Keys Soulcare The Comfort Ritual

If you're looking for a fuller routine (who doesn't want to dedicate even more time to themselves?), The Comfort Ritual ($147, Keys Soulcare) has everything you need and more, especially if you have sensitive skin. In addition to all the offerings from The Goddess Ritual, you'll find three more items: The Golden Cleanser ($20, Keys Soulcare) uses manuka honey, turmeric, charcoal and chamomile to deliver a soothing, purifying cleanse. The Reviving Aura Mist ($22, Keys Soulcare) gives you an instant moment of zen whenever you need it and helps all of the Keys Soulcare products penetrate your skin. Finally, the Comfort Balm ($12, Keys Soulcare) is magic in a small tub, delivering a surge of moisture to any place your body needs it.

Keys Soulcare The Harmony Ritual

For those with oilier skin, The Harmony Ritual ($142, Keys Soulcare) takes cleansing and purifying a little deeper, in a way that won't irritate your skin. On top of the candle, the cleanser, the mist, and the balm, Harmony features some more intense, but nourishing products, like the Be Luminous Exfoliator ($22, Keys Soulcare) and Harmony Mask ($28, Keys Soulcare). Both dig deep to polish and balance the skin but are best used only once or twice a week when you want a super deep clean.

Keys Soulcare The Radiance Ritual

With the rise of dolphin skin kicking luminescence to the next level, you may want to opt for a glow-enriching routine, like The Radiance Ritual ($169, Keys Soulcare). With the candle, cleanser, exfoliator, transformation cream, balm, roller, and reviving mist, Radiance features everything you need to leave your skin feeling and looking lighter and brighter than ever.