Joe Exotic in a music video

If You Love 'Tiger King,' You NEED To See These Joe Exotic Music Videos

JoeExoticTV on YouTube

Joe Exotic is the center of the new Netflix docuseries Tiger King, which centers around his exotic animal park. But it also gives viewers a look at the man's jaw-dropping life, including a variety of his professional endeavors. In addition to running a privately-held zoo with hundreds of animals, he also dabbles in singing and songwriting. A few songs of his can be seen in the documentary, but there are many more Joe Exotic music videos to be found online.

Long before a documentary crew began following him, Exotic created his YouTube account, JoeExoticTV, to document his life. The channel is still active, and features videos including animal updates, live talk show-esque rants, upside-down clips from his gubernatorial run, and yes, even some highly produced music videos for his original songs.

In the documentary, Exotic's colleagues explain that a music career was just one of the ways Exotic was searching for fame. While it's hard to know just how popular the videos were before the docuseries aired on Netflix, chances are they're getting a ton more views from interested Tiger King audiences who now crave more Exotic content.

There are nine music videos on his YouTube; here are just a few of the highlights.

"Here Kitty Kitty" is one of Exotic's songs from 2015, and is meant to poke at Exotic's rival, Carole Baskin, who owns a big cat sanctuary in Florida, and often called out Exotic's zoo for improper care of animals.

In the docuseries, Exotic talked about his theory that Baskin killed her husband Don Lewis (who disappeared mysteriously. in 1997) and fed him to the tigers in their sanctuary. The video doubles down on his claim, and features Exotic dressed as a priest and a look-alike of Baskin feeding fake body parts to a caged lion.

If "Here Kitty Kitty" is a little too grim for you, check out Exotic's video for "Pretty Woman Lover." The video features him being chased by women around the town, and also shows clips of him singing on his motorcycle and hanging out in the back of a limo.

"I Saw A Tiger" is one of the slower ballads on Exotic's YouTube channel. In the video, Exotic is seen singing in field and on top of an emergency vehicle alone, looking longingly in the distance. According to the video's description, this was Exotic's first music video, and he produced it to help "protect and save tigers from China poaching and tiger farms." He also called for people to donate to the cause in the description.

For more Exotic musical moments, check out his YouTube, or go back to Netflix and give Tiger King a rewatch.