These Hilarious "Get This Bread" Memes Are Everywhere & TBH, I Can Relate

You know what a breadwinner is, right? If not, I'll explain. A breadwinner is basically just a person who makes money to support a family. Whether that person is a mother, father, son, or daughter, he or she is working hard to make some dough. Unsurprisingly, Twitter has capitalized on the catch phrase and created a viral meme that hard workers can relate to. In fact, the "get this bread" memes that are flooding the internet are almost too relatable. Anyone who knows what it's like to "rise and grind" will definitely get a kick out of them.

Before I dive into the memes, let me tell you a little bit more about what "get this bread" actually means. Unlike the term "breadwinner," the phrase featured in the viral memes refers to hard workers in general. According to Know Your Meme, the "get this bread" saying is "a slang expression for earning money." If you've scrolled through Twitter recently, you may have noticed that people are using the phrase to express how hard they're working in order to make some cash. Some people are using cartoon clips to express their dedication, and others are showing off their best photos in work uniforms (or costumes).

After scrolling through the memes, I can appreciate (and relate) to everyone's daily grind.

One Twitter user wrote, "By the time I get this bread it's gone be STALE. IM TIRED." #Same.

Others don't even want to "get this bread" anymore.

Some people are simply overwhelmed by the bread.

Most of 'em are feeling a little run down, though.

Do I even want this bread?

Are you getting the bread, or is the bread getting you?

Even Burger King is in on the meme.

As you can see, tons of Twitter users are working hard to "get this bread." So, if you're ever tired on the job or questioning why you're working so hard, go online and check out the memes. They'll give you funny content to relate to during your daily grind — and when pay day comes around, you'll be happy that "get this bread" tweets got you through the week.

Still, a few of you might be wondering how such a meme went viral in the first place. According to Know Your Meme, the "get this bread" phrase began in 2007 when Rich Boy released his song, "Let's Get This Paper." In the first verse, the rapper says, "hey, let's get this bread, homie." Fast forward about ten years, and the saying has gone viral on Twitter after users began making memes for the catch phrase. Now, some of them show actual people hard at work, while others feature funny drawings and TV clips.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Hopefully scrolling through "get this bread" memes helped you realize that you aren't alone in the hustle. Keep rising and grinding, my friends. The bread will come, and it will be worth it.