These Election TikToks Are So Hilarious, They'll Instantly Calm Your Nerves

It's been a long couple days. Many people around the world waited up all night on Nov. 3, hoping for a finalized outcome in the U.S. presidential election — and then waited some more. As we head into the second day post-election, more and more people on social media are expressing that their anticipation is turning into straight-up anxiety as the final ballots are tallied up in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Nevada. Luckily for you, I've put together some election TikToks that are so hilarious, they'll instantly calm your nerves.

It's hard to know who will pull through at this point and win the 270 electoral votes needed to declare a victory. Donald Trump misfired when he attempted to declare himself the winner on Nov. 3, and as the race has narrowed, Joe Biden has inched closer to the coveted 270 votes the nation needs for this all to end. It doesn't matter if you're a Republican or Democrat — or something in between — these will make you chuckle, so long as you're not the one counting ballots. If you are, I'm begging you to finish counting first.

For when you and the boys have just had enough of staring at CNN.

Feeling frustrated with the pace of ballot-counting? Join the club.

Regardless of how you feel about his policies or his presidency, you've got to admit — Obama knows how to calm down a baby.

Need some faith in the generation after Gen Z? Don't worry, this elementary school teacher is leading the way.

And when you've finally hit your limit watching two red and blue lines on a screen all day long, with neither inching any closer towards a win, this one's for you.