The 'This Is Us' Producers Revealed New Information On "Her" That Will Make You Think

by Ani Bundel

NBC's This Is Us is a show where there is always a mystery hanging in the background. Throughout the first season, it was the question of how Jack died, this vibrant man so full of life, just gone. But just as the show rounded towards revealing the answer, it began peppering in scenes of a twenty-something social worker trying to place a young boy in foster care. This turned out to be the first "flash-forward," in which Randall was rounding up the family to see "Her." Now, new details about "Her" on This Is Us are starting to emerge in the third season making it the new mystery for fans to solve.

It wasn't an accident the episode where Jack dies was the same one where the social worker was revealed to be Randall's eldest daughter Tess, all grown up. As one mystery is solved, the baton is passed to the next. There haven't been many scenes set in this future, which is why fans don't know who "Her" is yet.

But even though the mystery is still in full swing, everyone is pretty sure the answer will be a heartbreaker when it finally comes. Whoever it is Randall is rounding everyone up to see, they're not in a good place.


Though the last two weeks haven't moved the ball forward on the future scenes, series creator Dan Fogelman promises this mystery won't take a season and a half to solve, as Jack's did. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said:

The most pressing questions starts becoming who it is and who it isn’t... You showed Toby is alive — he seems different, Kate’s not in the bed with him — so even showing that Toby’s okay creates new questions. Where is Kate? Is it Kate who is ‘her’? Where is she is and is she okay? Are they still together? Anybody we reveal is going to also land some other questions: How are they in this place? What are they doing in this place? Who else is there? Why is that person not there? All those questions will be answered. And then, in the future, it will be a matter of the show exploring from how we got from here to there.

Fogelman also suggested Randall's quest could be seen as a "mission. " According to Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall:

The ‘her’ is someone that we all know and care about so you’re going to see Randall trying to galvanize all the family because it’s a critical time and he wants everybody to be there.

As for Toby and Kate, Chris Sullivan, who plays the former, admitted he's just chuffed to have survived to old age, calling it "job security." Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, on the other hand, warned fans when the answer comes to who "her" is, it will be a hard reveal to take.

It’s not going to be what you expect, but it will be difficult to digest, for sure.

Hopefully, This Is Us will give fans more clues soon on screen.