These 'Daredevil' Season 4 Theories Will Have You Aching For More Information

by Ani Bundel

The same day Daredevil Season 3 arrived on Netflix, Marvel TV announced a sad passing: Luke Cage Season 3 was canceled, following in the footsteps on Iron Fist, which had been spiked the week prior. But while fans mourn both shows, Daredevil seems healthy with the series turning in a far more consistent season than Marvel TV has done in some time. With the show in discussion to bring on another round, fans have started speculating. These Daredevil Season 4 theories suggest there are many directions the series could go from here.

It seems unlikely Daredevil will be canceled unless Marvel and Netflix really cannot come to an agreement on episode count. (This is the rumored reason Luke Cage was canned.) The show was the first of the Marvel series to land, with some of the best reviews, and it still has the best chemistry between the three mainstay characters of all the series. It's also the show which launched an additional spinoff series, The Punisher.

With all these benefits going for it, the question is how much of Daredevil Season 4 will be dedicated to shoring up the rest of the universe it helped launch. Here are some ideas for how the next season will go.

Bullseye Will Bring About A Daredevil/Punisher Crossover

The final scene in Daredevil Season 3 reveals what happened to Bullseye after Fisk paralyzed him in the three-way fight. His spine has been opened up, and there is a phalanx of doctors, including Dr. Oyama, inserting cognium (a forerunner of the comic's adamantium) into Dex's spine.

For most fans, this is a sign that no matter what happens in Season 4, Bullseye will be back to bedevil Daredevil again. But with Fisk out of the picture, who will Matt turn to but The Punisher to help take Bullseye down?

Oyama's Appearance Heralds An X-Men Crossover

Speaking of Dr. Kenji Oyama, comics fans recognize him as a significant figure from the X-Men comics. Known as Lord Dark Wind, he's the father of the adamantium experiments, of which the cognium mentioned at the end of the series is a forerunner.

Oyama's research leads to the Weapon X project and Wolverine. With FOX and Disney merging before Daredevil Season 4 arrives, could Oyama's ties to the X-Men bring about a crossover on Netflix of these groups of characters?

Daredevil Will Fold In Iron Fist & Luke Cage

The back-to-back cancellations of Iron Fist and Luke Cage took many Marvel fans by surprise. Some are desperately hoping these moves are merely a set up to the creation of a Daughters of the Dragon and Heroes For Hire. But what to do about the characters lost with the endings of both shows?

Characters like Typhoid Mary were borrowed from Daredevil anyway. Misty and Colleen already interacted with Matt Murdock in The Defenders and could also become sidekicks in Season 4. As for Danny Rand and Luke, there's no reason they couldn't turn up to help Matt out now he's admitted he's alive again.

Daredevil 4 Will Set Up A New Defenders

All of this leads to the ultimate theory: Daredevil 4 will set up a run up to a new season of The Defenders. Jeph Loeb suggested ahead of Daredevil Season 3 that Marvel TV had sketched an outline for Daredevil Seasons 4, 5, and 6. With so many now homeless, and Jessica Jones losing her showrunner after Season 3 is completed next year, why not use Daredevil to bring all four characters together once more?