Celebrities Thought They Saw A UFO In Los Angeles & The Tweets Are Hysterical

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a UFO! No, calm down guys, it's actually just a SpaceX rocket launch. This was pretty much the general reaction from most of Los Angeles when a SpaceX rocket was launched over the city on Dec. 22 by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX. Millions of on-lookers were completely clueless as to what could possibly be soaring through the sky, and of course, aliens were one of the first things that came to mind. So before you force yourself into the rabbit hole that is the potential existence of aliens, checkout these celebrity tweets about the SpaceX rocket launch, because they're hilarious.

We'll start this off trying to imagine what Lord of the Rings star, Orlando Bloom, could have possibly been up to at the time of the rocket launch. Maybe he was re-enacting sword fighting scenes from Pirates of the Carribean. Or, maybe he was just being his gosh darn gorgeous self. But our beloved and beautiful crush (circa 2005) looked into the sky, and saw something that really got him hyped. Having no idea what he was seeing, our beautiful British hunk took to Instagram to see what exactly was up.

In the caption of his Instagram photo, the Pirates of the Carribean star said,

er...yea this just flew over my house 👽@elonmusk is this space X or #ufo I’m so over excited 😆 #anothersuccessfullaunch#falcon9

Orlando, if a UFO will make you happy, that's is absolutely a UFO. Anything to make you flash us with that gorgeous smile.

Now, we'd also imagine that well-regarded Los Angeles talent manager and businessman, Scooter Braun, had a pretty interesting rocket sighting experience. While kicking back in the comfort of his hot tub, he spotted the mysterious rocket in sky. Make sure to check out his Instagram video documenting his alien sighting experience.

Braun's caption read, "Yes I’m in a hot tub. Get over it. But what the hell is that!?!"

Other stars, such as rapper and former Black-Eyed Peas singer, Will. I. Am., tweeted multiple videos of his reactions to the UFO in question with some pretty hilarious commentary in the background. Will was clearly shocked by the mysterious rocket, and honestly did the right thing. He went straight to Twitter and shared all of his thoughts with us.

Popular singer and actress, Zendaya, also had something to say about the rocket launch. Amidst being perfect and gorgeous, Zendaya was obviously pretty confused about the ambiguous thing in the sky, and made the long-awaited comparison to our favorite and beloved extra-terrestrial TV show, Stranger Things.

Even our all-time favorite pro-skater, Tony Hawk, came out from the mysterious shadows of '90s competitive skateboarding to check out the rocket flying through the sky. A female voice in Hawk's video compared the unusual sighting to classic alien flick, Close Encounters. A lot has changed since you last graced our presence, Tony, and we now have some possible UFOs on our hands.

More celebrity tweets prove everyone's just as confused as Tony.

And even though this guy might just be Twitter-famous for this glorious reaction to the rocket, it definitely deserves a major shout-out.

Maybe you were hoping what flew over Los Angeles yesterday was a UFO, a message from the upside down, or even a giant "floating sperm." Despite all of its amazing social media hype, we're definitely all a little disappointed that it was only a rocket launch. We're gonna shout out @elonmusk so he doesn't bear the bad news to us next time, because we just want to see more of these hilarious and mind-blown reactions.

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