6 Cardi B Costume Ideas That'll Make You Feel Like A Boss This Halloween

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Fans can always count on Cardi B to serve the best glam looks. Whether it's her hairstyle, statement makeup and jewelry, or out-of-this world ensembles, Cardi doesn't often go unnoticed thanks to her eccentric style. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Cardi has given fans so many looks to copy thanks to Instagram, music videos, and more. That's why these Cardi B Halloween 2020 costumes will have you feeling yourself. They're perfect for whatever celebration you plan to attend — even if that's just a date with your couch and Netflix.

Cardi's looks range from elaborate outfits to cozy (but cool) sweats, which means there is a look for everyone to copy. Whether you plan to wow your BFFs with your unique costume at a socially distanced party, or are simply dressing up at home to feel a little more normal despite the confusing times, these six Cardi B costumes will definitely make a statement.

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1. WAP Cardi

While it might not look easy to duplicate this look, it actually won't be too hard with just two simple pieces of clothing and fabric.

Start with a coral color off-the-shoulder, long-sleeve bodysuit.

Pair it with a matching shawl that you can drape over your arms to make it appear like Cardi's train.

Complete the look with super long nails.

2. Christian Dior Cardi

Cardi is the queen of rocking super cute, laid back looks on the 'Gram, like this one from August, and it is fairly simple to copy. Start with a simple green oversized hoodie dress.

Add a black fanny pack.

Throw a faux D (for Dior) chain over the fanny pack.

Top it off with a brown baseball hat and hoop earrings.

3. LOL Doll Cardi

Cardi dressed as a human LOL doll for her daughter Kulture's birthday in July and nailed it. The costume is super fun without being too elaborate, making it perfect for any party or Halloween outing.

Grab black tights.

Throw a pair of baby doll socks over the tights.

Simple black shoes will complete the look.

4. Plaid Cardi

Who doesn't love an excuse to throw on a plaid miniskirt and pair of heels? This costume is as adorable as it is easy to recreate, starting with the skirt. If you're looking for a group outfit, your BFF can totally rock Kulture's near-identical outfit to make things really fun.

Add a pair of white pumps.

Throw on a cozy, white turtleneck sweater tucked into the skirt.

Complete the look with a plaid beret.

5. Mellow Yellow Cardi

This might be the easiest Cardi look ever. All you need is a yellow sweatshirt jumpsuit.

Throw on a pair of black sneakers, which you may already have at home.

Add those Cardi-esque hoop earrings, and you're done!

6. Barbie Pink Cardi

This is yet another easy-to-copy Cardi look. The hardest part will be perfecting the pink hairdo, but luckily you can grab a reasonably priced wig from Amazon to play around with.

For the top, you'll just need a white sports bra.

Add the shimmery bike shorts and voila!

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