These Black Beauty YouTubers Are Creating Some Of The Most Amazing, Helpful Videos

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While buying from Black-owned brands and giving your attention and donations (if you have the means to) to Black-led organizations is a great way to help enact change, you can do even more by also supporting Black creatives and content creators. One way to do that is to support and subscribe to Black beauty YouTubers. Alongside donating, learning, and sharing information, a necessary step in ending systematic racism is to amplify Black voices and the Black creators carving out necessary spaces for the Black community.

So many Black beauty creators have crafted awe-inspiring looks, tutorials, reviews, and more since YouTube inception. Despite the hundreds of thousands of amazing videos created by Black BeauTubers, not one Black person sits among the 10 highest-subscribed BeauTubers, according to a report from Statista. Alongside that, the beauty industry has a staggering history of lacking diversity and inclusivity in products, shade ranges, Black models, Black employees, and myriad other areas. To help inspire change in the whole beauty industry to be more equitable for Black communities, actively subscribing to and engaging with Black creators and influencers across social media platforms is essential.

If you love learning new makeup tricks or just love the ASMR of watching someone applying makeup, below is a list of some of the amazingly talented Black BeauTubers changing the game and creating a necessary space for Black creators in the beauty industry. All of them are outspoken in promoting racial justice, body positivity, and diversity alongside being true artists. Get ready to go down a YouTube rabbit hole of new makeup looks you’ll be itching to try.

Jackie Aina

Aina creates laugh-out-loud funny videos with editing that keeps you on your toes in the best way. Not to mention, she knocks any look she tries out of the park. She also regularly speaks up about brands that don’t offer many products for Black people and other people of color, so you can stay informed about which brands are actually doing the work.

Nyma Tang

For ASMR lovers, Tang has one of the most soothing voices ever. Her videos have a very relaxed vibe, and she’s not afraid to be honest when she doesn’t like a product. Also, she probably has the dewiest, most gorgeous skin ever, so her skincare tips are key. Her “Products that Failed POC in 2019” is necessary viewing for shopping smart.

Shalom Blac

Blac’s relationship with makeup has been shaped greatly by her experience as a burn survivor. She gives incredibly honest glimpses into her life, including being very open about all of her insecurities and her journey in facing her fears. You'll come for the authenticity, and you'll stay for the wealth of fun, original, and enjoyable content.

Raye Boyce

If you want to know if a product works, turn to Boyce. She has tried it all and will only give you the full truth. She also has a lot of interesting makeup hacks for oily skin, how to get rid of acne, how to make your makeup last all day, and more.

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley can recreate any look she sets her mind to, and her reviews, tutorials, and hilarious challenges are prime viewing at its finest. TBH, you could also probably cut diamonds on her eyeliner wings. She even has an equally talented twin sister, Arnell Armon. By following them both, you can get all the twin content you need.


Makeup and Mommy YouTuber combined? Perfection. Ellarie's adorable daughter Yoshi brings a very animated energy to her calming videos. And if you’re looking for hair care and tips on wearing wigs, there's no shortage of incredibly helpful content on her channel.

Ariel Black

If you want to have the brightest, sharpest eyeshadow game out there, or watch a supremely informative tutorial on how to apply different wigs, you have to watch Black’s videos. Her voiceover explanations are incredibly helpful, and by keeping the video in real-time, you can easily follow along and pick up on all her clutch techniques.

Beats By Deb

For those who like to go really out of the box with their makeup, Deb always takes her looks to the next level. Even though her beats might seem complicated, she includes every part of the process from start to finish, so you can follow along and learn how to fix any mistakes.

Kyra Knox

Knox’s channel is the perfect balance between lifestyle vlog and makeup tutorials. She includes glimpses into her life, tips on how to relax, and even some recipes — and that's in addition to all things beauty. Knox has soft, more natural looks, as well as full-glam tutorials for when you’re having a big night out.


Melachild is constantly updating and changing her daily makeup routine, so she always has a new tip about how to switch up your routine, too. She discusses openly which brands are and aren’t creating products for darker skin tones, and what products are actually worth your money. Also, she has the most wonderfully relaxing British accent.

LaShey Dionne

LaShey Dionne is an emerging star in the YouTube beauty space. She posts tutorials that cover an array of beauty arenas, like wig installations, everyday makeup tutorials, and the above brow tutorial. The voiceover tutorials could not be easier to follow, and the resulting looks are straight fire.

Slim Reshae

On Slim Reshae's channel, you truly get it all: a look at her various makeup routines, prime hair tutorials (like the twist-out tutorial above), and a look at her holy-grail beauty products across various categories. Even more, her playlist Uncut Gems with Slim fosters an environment of self-love and self-improvement with helpful videos on a number of topics, like investing in your business or negotiating your worth.

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