These Ariana Grande "Positions" Instagram Captions Will Help You Switch Things Up


After Ariana Grande surprised fans by announcing she's dropping a new album at the end of October with just two weeks notice, her fans have been waiting with bated breath to take a listen. Now, the first taste of the album is here, and it's chock full of quotable lyrics. These Ariana Grande "Positions" lyrics make Instagram captions for just about any pic.

Grande first let fans in on the news she would be releasing music this month in an Oct. 14 Instagram post. She didn't say much, but her ten word post said it all. "I can't wait to give u my album this month," she wrote.

Ari released "Positions" just a week later on Oct. 23, and while fans weren't entirely sure what to expect, she made sure to give them a few hints. The song marked the first single off her new album, and she teased the track on Instagram in the days before, sharing the melody without disclosing any lyrics. She also shared the single artwork on Oct 21, a photo of herself in a knit crop top and a matching skirt.

Now that Grande's lead single is here, fans will be happy to know so many of the lyrics (which are all about Grande switching positions, whether that be in the bedroom or her career), clearly make epic captions for your latest IG snap.

1. "Heaven sent you to me. I'm just hopin’ I don't repeat history."

2. "Switchin' the positions for you."

3. "I'm in the Olympics, way I'm jumpin' through hoops."

4. "Know my love infinite, nothin’ I wouldn’t do. That I won't do, switchin’ for you."

5. "Perfect, perfect. You're too good to be true"

6. "I get tired of runnin', f*ck it. Now, I’m runnin' with you."

7. "This some sh*t that I usually don't do."

8. "For you, I kinda, kinda want to."

9. "You're down for me and I'm down too."

Check out Grande's "Positions" video below!