These Are Amazon's 52 Bestselling Gifts & They All Have Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews

My secret to picking out the perfect gift is simple: I place my trust in Amazon's reviewer community, choosing treats like these 52 bestselling gifts that all have thousands of reviews. After all, when you take the time to not only consult the rating your choice has been given, but also to delve a little deeper and read a few of the comments, it's almost like doing the research yourself. And, as a bonus, sometimes you'll get a fascinating tribute to your chosen product into the bargain.

Take this acupressure mat set that is one of the most talked-about products on Amazon: Just a glance through the subject lines of the reviews is enough to set it apart. "Clearly evil but extremely effective," says reviewer Rachel B. The secret to this set, which has the charming colloquial nickname "bed of nails," is that many of its nearly 2,600 reviews come from sufferers of chronic pain. If it works for the fibromyalgia community, you can bet it'll work for your friend or family member who carries their stress in their shoulders.

Or there's this uniquely-constructed travel pillow, of which reviewer Traveled begins his rundown by asking "Do you have a few hours? Because I need to tell you about this neck pillow thing my wife just got me." Traveled is one of nearly 12,000 reviewers who've given this device a solid 4-star rating, and he goes on to compare it to "the brazier of Athena" — whatever that means — and notes that "My neck has said 'sayonara' to floundering with fettucini and "hello" to raging with the rigatoni." If Traveled can get that worked up about not being noodle-necked, to say nothing of tens of thousands of other reviewers, you can rest assured that your road warrior BFF will love it, too.

When your friends and family turn to you, beaming, and ask how you found this perfect gift for them, you can just tell them you heard about it from a friend — because you did. You found it thanks to the Amazon reviewer community — a gift-giver's best friend.

Enjoy Eggs The Easy Way With This Egg Cooker

With simple one-button operation that's so safe and easy that even kids can use it, this egg cooker saves time and effort in the kitchen. Available in five colors, it boils up to six eggs at any level of doneness from soft to hard in just minutes, and is also a mess-free poacher. Make scrambled eggs or omelets in this appliance, too, which is pint-sized for easy use in a small kitchen, dorm, or even an RV.

This Humidifier Is Such A Useful Gift During The Winter Months

Somehow in the past couple of decades since I got old, humidifiers have gotten more necessary and also more expensive. This model comes in at a price point that I'd balk at spending on myself, but I would dearly love to receive it as a gift, and I bet plenty of others in your life would, too. With nearly silent operation, it generates over a gallon of water per hour to keep the air moist, and makes indoor air quality so much more conducive to plump skin and breathing easily. This model provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation on one tank, and has a built-in night light, too.

Coffee Aficionados Will Love This Cold Brew Pot

Crafted from shatterproof, BPA-free Tritan plastic and finished with an airtight lid and a silicone handle for ease of service, this coffee pot is sure to be a hit with coffee lovers — tea lovers, too! Featuring a stainless steel fine mesh filter that can handle either coffee grounds or tea leaves, this pot has a generous 1-quart carafe that keeps beverages fresh in the fridge for days. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, too.

The Smart Plugs That Make Controlling Any Device Remotely A Piece Of Cake

Here's another gift that many folks have always wanted but would never think to buy for themselves, and these smart plugs can not only make managing appliances fun and easy, but they can become part of any home security strategy, too. Capable of being controlled by Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT apps, they can be used for everything from starting the coffee in the morning right on through deterring interlopers by timing lights to turn on and off while you're out of the house. No hub is required, and they can even help lower energy bills, too.

A "Bed Of Nails" That's A Perennial Favorite For Deep Tissue Stimulation And Pain Relief

Given that it's studded all over with plastic circles that have little nubs, it's pretty easy to see why the Amazon community refers to this product as the "bed of nails" — and believe it or not, they mean that as a compliment! The acupressure nodes provide deep-tissue stimulation and release and promote increased circulation in order to relieve pain and loosen tight muscles. Just 15 minutes a day can be enough to soothe those kinks, and this mat comes with a pillow to provide targeted release to the scalp and head, too.

The Blanket-Sweatshirt Hybrid That Delivers Cozy Warmth For Lounging Or Outdoor Activities

With a one-size-fits-most design that takes the guesswork out of gift-giving, this blanket wrap is constructed like an oversized version of everyone's favorite hoodie. The lined hood keeps heat from escaping through the head, while the front "kangaroo" pocket gives hands a place to get warm in those cold winter months. Crafted from deliciously soft microfiber and equipped with a "sheep-y" fleece lining, it's available in 19 colors and styles.

Keep Slim Cans Super Cold Stylishly With This Insulated Can Cooler

Fans of the slim cans that are the hallmark of many energy and natural drinks as well as, well, beer, will love this can cooler that keeps cold beverages absolutely frosty. Projected to chill drinks 20 times colder than their neoprene competitors, it's made from double-walled stainless steel with an extra copper layer and has the side benefit of preventing condensation so it doesn't slip around or leave marks on wooden surfaces. Plus, it's available in two dozen hues including Glitter Mermaid, a sparkly purple-to-aqua blend.

The Reusable Notebook That Syncs Scribblings To The Cloud

Eco-friendly and tech-savvy, this reusable notebook is perfect for just about everyone on your list and has a little something for everyone. Take notes with the special pen, included, and they stay put while you need them, but wipe off easily when the included microfiber cloth is dampened. But that's not all: With the accompanying app, this notebook also syncs with a wide range of cloud-based file-sharing services including Google Drive and Dropbox, and it can send your notes to others via email, Slack, and more, too.

This Compact Machine Delivers Privacy As Well As Soothing Noise For Sleep

With ten fan sounds and ten different ambient noise selections, this white noise machine has a small footprint that's vastly exceeded by its usefulness: It excels at everything from creating an atmosphere conducive to private discussions to gently lulling the baby to sleep. Perfect for those with sleep disturbances, its electronic operation means it can deliver this wider range of sounds without adding operational noise into the mix. "Stopped me from causing bodily harm to my neighbor," enthuses reviewer MorAvFire.

The DNA Kit That's A Hot Gift Any Time Of The Year

A great gift for those interested in family history or for anyone who would just like to know more about their own personal makeup, this DNA kit provides results and a report detailing a wealth of information. In addition to the standard rundown of geographic whereabouts of personal predecessors, their migratory patterns, and plenty of other fascinating insights, this version also provides a look at the traits that characterize the user. Reports are user-driven — the recipient decides what he or she wants to know — and all data is encrypted and kept secure.

The Travel Pillow That Borrows Its Structure From A Favorite Reptile

Designed to provide a comfortable scaffold for the neck that's reminiscent of that on turtles, this travel pillow supports the head in a manner that's scientifically-proven to result in more comfortable rest while on the go. The microfiber fleece cover cradles the wearer in softness and conceals the lightweight structure plus the cushioning that covers it, making it appear like a simple scarf. It's easy to attach to any carry-on for ease during travel.

Enjoy Crispy Fried Foods Without The Oil Thanks To This Gadget

Using superheated air that circulates around food instead of oil, this air fryer produces delicious, crispy foods like French fries and chicken wings. With an auto shut off function and simple timer-based operation, it cooks up everything from nibblies to baked goods safely and without the mess of oil in just minutes. Available in five colors, it's compact and lightweight, the perfect choice for small kitchens.

The Robe That's A Rival To Those At 5-Star Hotels

Crafted from super-soft microfiber plush, this robe features an attractive herringbone texture that mimics that in robes found at the most exclusive 5-star hotels. Available in eight colors, the knee length is cozy without being restricting, and large front pockets provide a place for glasses, the remote, or a phone. With a cozy shawl collar and a belt at the waist, it's machine washable for easy cleaning, too.

A Blender With A Small Footprint For Everything From Protein Drinks To Milkshakes

With a BPA-free canister that detaches to become a convenient sports bottle, this blender is personal-sized for convenience and ease of storage. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in power: The 400-watt motor easily crushes ice for delicious smoothies. Ideal for getting busy people out the door in the morning and perfect for small kitchens and dorm rooms, it's available in four colors.

This Set Of Essential Oils Delivers Customizable Aromatherapy

With six 10-ounce bottles of premium natural essential oils, this set contains everything needed for aromatherapy that's everything from relaxing to invigorating. The set includes eucalyptus, lavender, lemon grass, sweet orange, peppermint, and tea tree oils to include a nearly infinite number of blends, all packaged in an attractive and tailored gift box. Ideal for use in diffusers and massage, these oils are also suitable for use in crafting bath and beauty products, so that when you give this set, you're giving a hobby as well as a gift.

Style And Volumize Hair With This Heated Brush

Featuring an oval design that helps add body and volume to hair, this heated brush is coated has a ceramic body and uses an ionic generator to deliver heated air to the hair shaft, smoothing while it adds body and bounce. With nylon shafts to keep the scalp safe, this brush has three heat settings to suit every type of hair and every styling demand. The engineering behind the tool helps push the heated air through the hair, helping it dry quickly and without less damage than using the traditional blow dryer.

The Perfect Pint-Sized Diffuser To Scent And Condition The Air

The small footprint of this diffuser makes it ideal for use in a wide range of places from home to the office and even hotel rooms on the road. Engineered to disperse cool mist using ultrasonic technology, it also incorporates an LED night light that can be set to one of seven colors or can cycle through the lot. With up to six hours of continuous run time, it's made from hard plastic so it's extra durable.

A Brush Set With Every Tool Needed To Make Up The Perfect Face

Crafted with high-quality synthetic fibers that won't shed, this set of makeup brushes includes every tool a beauty maven could ever need for the perfect look. From the kabuki style to the smallest eyeliner brush, they're crafted with dense bristles for precision application and finished with wooden handles. The rose gold shaft adds a stylish touch for display on a vanity or countertop.

Scrunchies Are Back And This Set Contains 5 Dozen Of Them

Crafted from velvet in a manner that updates the beloved hair accessories of the 1980s, these scrunchies come in a veritable rainbow of colors — one to go with every outfit. The elastic within is durable and has enough give so that it won't crease or break the hair. Great for girls of all ages, they will accommodate even the thickest ponytails.

The Lightweight Facial Fluid That Restores Hydration With Plant-Based Ingredients

From trusted beauty brand Weleda comes this cream that's formulated to quench dry skin and restore its hydration. Lightweight and non-greasy, it's crafted with natural botanical ingredients including pansy, calendula, and lavender and none of those unwanted artificial ingredients like synthetic fragrances, colors, and preservatives. This cruelty-free blend can be used on the face or the body and absorbs quickly into the skin.

This Professional-Quality Flat Iron Straightens, Curls, And Smooths For Less

With nearly 30,000 reviews totaling 4.3 stars, this straightener is a prime example of the Amazon in-crowd steering you to gifts that are not only outstanding but also reasonably priced. Equipped with micro-sensors to effectively regulate temperature, this tool features adjustable settings and ceramic plates that smooth hair and leave it silky and shiny. It comes with a convenient pouch for travel, too.

This Stool Helps Make A Necessary Part Of Their Day Healthier

If it's a unique gift you're looking for that also helps the recipient on a daily basis, let the process of elimination lead you to this stool that places the body in the most ergonomically effective position for pooping. Great for parents with kids who are potty-training, this stool is suitable for all ages and works with any standard toilet. The durable plastic provides a hard surface to rest the feet on and cleans easily.

Give Them A Cornucopia Of K-Beauty With This Slew Of Masks

Crafted with a variety of different botanical essences and other ingredients to leave the skin hydrated, gifting these masks tells them you want them to really get the most out of me time. Sheet masks fashioned from durable felt with a variety of blends that are all based on emollient vitamin E and collagen, they not only moisturize the skin but also leave it toned and glowing.

The Small Kitchen Appliance That Took Social Media By Storm

A product of a couple of home inventors, this appliance has been a bona fide hit for several years now, with whole groups on social media springing up around recipes to suit its unique capabilities. Combining the best qualities of a pressure cooker and a crock pot, it cooks everything from soups and stews to delicious cakes in its capacious 6-quart pot. The electronics make it super-easy to use, as it offers 48 customizable preset options — one for just about anything edible.

Take The Pain Out Of A Dental Health Chore With This Water Flosser

Clinically proven to be the most effective way to floss, this water flosser discharges 1,400 pulses of water per minute to blast away plaque and tartar. Boasting the prestigious American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, it features ten settings including a massage mode to help stimulate gum health. It provides 90 seconds of consistent therapy to improve gum and mouth health and comes with seven tips, one for each family member.

Baby-Soft Feet Are Within Easy Reach Thanks To These Foot Masks

Here it is, the foot mask that everyone has been talking about: These booties contain a blend of all-natural ingredients that soak into the feet over an hour of use then help dry, callused skin slough off gradually over the course of a few days. Formulated from all-natural ingredients that feature plant-based products, these masks are easy to use and completely safe. They're totally painless and and "freaky, yet effective," in the words of one reviewer.

The Bluetooth Headphones That Are Ideal For Work Or Play

Delivering high-quality sound with boosted bass, these Bluetooth headphones are the perfect solution for working out, making wireless calls, or for use anytime both hands are needed. The sturdy construction is waterproof for convenience and features playback and call control right on the headphones, plus silicone ear hooks. Offering up to eight hours of continuous talk or playback time on one charge, they're available in a selection of eight colors, too.

These Are The Best Headphones For Sleep And Keep Ears Warm Too

Ideal for use while sleeping or during travel, this headband has a secret: Inside its lightweight body are two speakers designed to deliver superior audio for calls and playback. Adjustable to fit just about every head size, they plug into any standard audio jack via a durable braided cord. Pulled down slightly, the headband can even be used as an eye mask while the user is enjoying bedtime tunes or a soothing meditation.

The Roller That Uses Ice To Deliver A Soothing Massage

Designed with a gel-filled head that freezes in just 15 minutes and stays cold, this roller administers a soothing treatment to de-puff the face and smooth out the skin after a long night's sleep. Also incredibly helpful to massage and cool the face and head when in the grips of a migraine or sinus or dental pain, the roller's head installs easily in the ergonomic handle. Available in seven colors, kids will also love it for easing the pain of ouchies.

A Spa Treatment Comes Home With This Microneedling Set

Microneedling used to only be available at the spa or facialist, but now, with this set, it's not only possible to do at home, but so inexpensive. The head of the roller in this set is covered with hundreds of tiny titanium needles that painlessly roll across the skin to stimulate collagen production and new cell growth. The device is accompanied by a vial of professional-strength vitamin C serum that's infused with deeply hydrating ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, and a blend of botanicals.

Avid Cooks And Bakers Will Delight In These Silicone Baking Mats

Quite possibly one of the most versatile kitchen accessories on the market today, these silicone mats are indispensable in any modern kitchen. Perfect to keep cookies and other baked goods from sticking to a baking sheet and heat-resistant to 480 degrees, they're ideal underneath anything that goes in the oven, from meatballs to kale chips. These mats can also be used to protect countertops from scorching and slip easily underneath a tablecloth to guard delicate wooden surfaces.

For Book Lovers, This E-Reader Is A Library That Fits Right In Your Hand

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned paper book, but when your giftee is an inveterate bookworm, this e-reader gives them an entire library right at their fingertips, day or night. A longtime favorite for gift-giving, this iteration of the Kindle has a glare-free display and an adjustable front light that work together to provide a reading experience that's comfortable for hours on end. It's also equipped with a long-lasting battery that enables the device to run for hours on end.


Crafted from shatter-proof borosilicate glass, this electric kettle has a 1.7-liter capacity and heats up quickly, boiling in just 3-7 minutes. Equipped with an auto-off feature that senses when the kettle is dry, it glows while heating thanks to a blue LED light in its base. The BPA-free plastic top opens up wide to make filling and cleaning this kettle easy and has an integrated stainless steel filter.

The Understated Speaker That Delivers Big, Rich Audio

With its sleek exterior and petite, handheld size, it would be easy to assume that the performance this speaker delivers is as understated as its appearance. Nothing could be further from the truth — it delivers realistic, multilayered sound with everything from deep bass to crystal-clear high end. It's also waterproof so it's perfect for use at the pool, on the beach, or in the shower. A long-lasting lithium ion battery means the unit can run for up to 24 hours straight on one charge, and it's compatible with most Bluetooth devices within a nearly 70-foot range.

Give A Touch Of Luxury With This 100 Percent Silk Eye Mask

Crafted from 100 percent pure mulberry silk, this eye mask is soft and silky on the skin and won't cause unwanted wrinkles during use. With a soft elastic strap that's adjustable to fit most head sizes, it's great for travel and to block out the light for migraine sufferers as well as for sleep. It's hand-washable for easy cleaning, too.

This Luxurious Adjustable Pillow Is A Treat Many Folks Won't Buy For Themselves

It's always fun to give a gift you know they need but that they just won't go out and buy for themselves, and this luxurious pillow fits that bill. Replace the flat pillows at your in-laws' or besties with one of these that's crafted from a blend of gel-infused memory foam and microfiber fill, the latter which can be removed or adjusted to customize the sleep experience. It's topped off with a bamboo-fiber blend cover that's breathable for comfort and eco-friendly, too.

The Conical Barrel On This Curling Iron Makes It So Versatile

Everything from loose waves to tight, springy curls is possible with this curling iron that features a cone-shaped barrel that helps it adapt to whatever hairstyle the user is trying to create. With ceramic tourmaline construction to smooth hair effortlessly as it curls, it heats to a robust 400 degrees in just 30 seconds and has five heat settings to accommodate any texture of hair. Its barrel-less design means hair won't kink or crimp while curling.

With Nearly 64,000 Reviews, This Sheet Set Is Truly An Amazon All-Star

Possibly the single most highly-reviewed product on Amazon, this sheet set has nearly 64,000 reviews for a total of 4.4 stars, so you know it has to be good. They're better than you'd even think, though, with reviews that cast this set as "literally the best sheets ever," according to reviewer Heather B. It's the super-soft microfiber that makes these sheets such a favorite — it gives them a coziness that's like flannel, but they're breathable in all seasons. Choose one of more than 40 colors to suit the recipient's taste.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
This Machine Delivers A Soothing Shiatsu Foot Massage With Heat

Featuring six massager heads that together have 18 shiatsu nodes, this device administers a soothing, relaxing treatment that's perfect for athletes, people who work on their feet, and anyone who enjoys a little calm at the end of a busy day. With an optional heating function for a little extra dose of comfort, this machine is also so healing for sufferers of painful foot and leg conditions like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and neuropathy.

Turn Any Tub Into A Spa With This Luxurious Bath Pillow

Made with durable and luxurious extra-thick foam, this bath pillow has two panels to cradle the head and neck in comfort. Accessorized with powerful suction cups that hold it in place during use, it's adaptable to a variety of tub shapes and can be used in the hot tub, too, turning it into an upscale retreat. This completely waterproof unit won't mold or mildew and cleans easily with just a damp rag.

The Convenient Chopper That Speeds Food Prep

Equipped with two blade grids inserts that are crafted from food-grade, anodized stainless steel, this chopper reduces fruits and veggies to a uniform large or small dice quickly and easily, dramatically speeding prep time. The four-cup capacity of the BPA-free plastic reservoir means recipes like salsa and guacamole can be made right inside the container. All the parts of this convenient unit are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

A Weighted Blanket To Ease Insomnia And Ensure A Good Night's Sleep

With 15 pounds of comforting pressure, this weighted blanket is a great solution for anyone suffering from insomnia or who just wants some full-body soothing for a sound night's sleep. Like an all-over hug, it's perfect for lounging as well as sleep and can even ease anxiety. With a cover that's made from soft and breathable 100 percent cotton, it's cozy for year-round use.

How Cute Are These Slippers That Say You Think She's A Fox

With a clever fox design on their upper, these slipper socks aren't just toasty, they're super cute, too. Crafted from brushed fleece with a super-soft sheepy interior, they have reinforced non-slip soles that make them ideal for padding around the house. Designed to keep feet warm on even the coldest days, they're a great way to keep out the cold with a touch of whimsy at the same time.

  • Available sizes: Large, X-Large
A Collapsable Popcorn Popper

Made from heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone, this popcorn popper cooks up a full bowl of popcorn without the need for oil or butter. Fewer kernels are left unpopped than when it's made on the stovetop, and the user controls the amount of butter and/or seasoning that goes on the corn. The handles are cool to the touch when they come out of the microwave, and it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Give The Treat That Keeps On Giving With These Bath Bombs

Handcrafted from natural ingredients, these bath bombs deeply moisturize while adding a touch of fun to bath time. The set of 12 includes a variety of different fragrances and colors, designed to fizz when they hit the water and add color— and in some cases, even flower petals — to the mix. Cruelty-free and made using a green manufacturing process, they hydrate the skin without leaving a sticky, unpleasant residue behind.

A Compression Eye Mask For Pain Relief And Sweet Dreams

A terrific treat for anyone suffering from insomnia or migraines, this eye mask is designed to provide both light pressure and cold therapy to relieve headaches and tired eyes while easing headache symptoms and fully blocking out ambient light. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, it can be used either at room temperature or stored in the refrigerator to add a chill. The comfortable elastic strap accommodates most head sizes.

Use This Oversized Heating Pad Moist Or Dry For Soothing Relief

Oversized for extra relief, this large heating pad provides heated therapy to a larger surface area of the body than traditional alternatives. Made from ultra-soft microfiber, it feels cozy against the body, and features three heat settings to soothe those aches and pains. Suitable for use dampened to deliver moist heat to those pressure points, it's durable and built to last.

These Compression Socks Are Made With Copper To Heighten Circulation

A thoughtful gift for athletes and anyone on their feet all the time, these compression socks are crafted with copper fibers to stimulate circulation for an extra boost of foot- and leg-soothing relief. Made to provide light to medium compression, they're crafted from a breathable performance fabric that makes them comfortable for wear all year long. The socks also wick moisture away from the feet, making them the perfect accompaniment for sweaty workouts and runs.

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium, Large/Extra Large
Stop Thigh Chafing The Attractive Way With These Lacy Bands

Current bare-legged looks can be troubling for those who are bothered by thigh chafing, but these bands are a pretty and efficient way to eliminate that problem. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, they're a grease- and chemical-free alternative to cream-based preparations that target the same issue. Made of spandex with two silicone bands to prevent slipping, they're comfortable to wear, too.

The Winter Gloves That Help You Stay In Touch — Literally

Available in six colors and two thicknesses, these gloves will keep hands toasty warm in cold climes without cutting the wearer off from smartphones and other electronics — they incorporate touchscreen compatibility on their thumbs and index fingers. Non-slip silicone grips are provided on the palm of each hand to prevent accidents. While they're delightfully warm, their construction is breathable as well for comfortable, extended wear.

A Relaxing Soak That Keeps Feet And Nails Healthy

Made with a combination of all-natural Epsom salt and tea tree oil, this foot soak is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to boosting overall foot health. High in magnesium, the salts relax the feet and legs and naturally detoxify, while the tea tree oil addresses athlete's foot and nail funguses and provides a healthy remedy to prevent foot odor. This blend is gentle enough even for those with ultra-sensitive skin, and also helps assuage dry, cracked heels and painful calluses.

The Nasal Inhalers That Provide Convenient Aromatherapy On The Go

Crafted using 100 percent all-natural ingredients including essential oils and menthol, these nasal inhalers pack powerful aromatherapy into a pocket-sized dispenser. The 3-pack includes peppermint, eucalyptus, and natural menthol scents to help relieve sinus and other congestion while also providing a quick boost of energy and alertness. Designed to retain their therapeutic scents for up to 3 months, they deliver long-lasting and convenient relief.

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