These 45 Highly-Rated Beauty Products On Amazon Are The Best & The Brightest Out There

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When it comes to beauty products, the world is your oyster. For every single beauty need or desire you can think of, there are thousands of products eager to please. But they aren't all these highly-rated products on Amazon that are the best and the brightest out there. Since it's your hard-earned money you're about to part ways with — and your skin, eyes, and lips deserve only the best — it's time to separate the mediocre skin care and beauty products from the ones that will send you straight to Instagram, where you'll share hundreds of pictures with captions like, "where have you been all my life? "

Each of these 45 highly-rated, FOMO-inducing products on Amazon boasts hundreds, if not thousands (or even tens of thousands) reviews. Many are written by beauty lovers who are shocked to discover a cooling sunscreen, de-puffing eye gel, snail extract sheet mask, or acne-fighting tea tree serum that doesn't cost three paychecks and is as effective — or way more effective — than their luxury brand equivalents.

Quality comes in all price points. In a competitive industry where ingredients count most, these cleansers, serums, makeup removers, dry shampoos, hair masks, cuticle oils, wood paddle brushes (and much, much more) are proof of that fact.

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