These 44 Under-$12 Finds On Amazon Are SO Useful & Fun

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You don't have to spend a bundle of money to pick up some treasures — and sometimes the most practical items you wind up using over and over again cost the least. This list provides the perfect example: these 45 under-$12 finds on Amazon are so useful and fun. They run the gamut from beauty and grooming items to interesting kitchen gadgets and quirky tech accessories, but they all share two things in common: they're affordable and functional.

These suspiciously cheap products on Amazon shouldn't set your radar off, because they're the real deal. Best of all, many include incredible reviews and ratings, proving the best products to get the job done needn't break the bank.

Perhaps you're looking to step up your game in the kitchen. Look no further than cool kitchen products that include an easy-breezy avocado peeler, a cauliflower prep tool that smashes into tough cauliflower heads with zero effort on your part, and adorable lid lifters in the shape of little men that will keep water from boiling over onto counters.

Maybe beauty items are more up your alley? You'll find a slew of them here for cheap — including a collagen hair treatment, a sleep mask with mulberry silk on both sides, and hydrating lip masks that leave your pout healthy and smooth.

So, get ready to find new products that will become staples — without forcing you to spend too much.

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