These 42 Brilliant Products That Save You Time & Money Make Amazon Prime SO Worth It

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If you're on the fence about paying extra for Amazon Prime, there are products out there that might just convince you to sign up ASAP. These brilliant products on Amazon Prime make the subscription service so worth it. You won't find a single frivolous item here — every single product is useful and worth its weight in gold (but won't break the bank).

These innovative products truly run the gamut across a variety of categories. You'll find genius kitchen gadgets like a cherry pitter that collects stones in one container, saving your counters from mess. A bag sealer actually re-seals opened bags of food and keeps snacks tasting as fresh as they did when you bought them. A self-watering planter does the work of caring for your plants and flowers when you are busy doing other things. And an innovative water repellant spray actually clears car windows during rain and snow storms to improve your visibility.

This list is full of smart products that save you money, time, and the headache of having to do annoying chores. If you don't already have an Amazon Prime account, don't hate yourself for signing up immediately when you see these practical products — they make the extra cost so worth it.

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