These 41 Brilliant Things On Amazon With 1,000s Of Reviews Are So Sick

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Is there any better feeling than stumbling upon one of the many brilliant things on Amazon only to discover it has 1,000s of reviews backing it up? Knowing that lots of people purchased, used, and approved of a product makes such a huge difference.

Most items have fairly in-depth descriptions, but you never know what you'll learn in the reviews. That's where you can discover how long a product really runs on one charge, or if reviews find you can actually wash it in the dishwasher if you're careful. Plus, reading the reviews can help you determine if a product is truly right for you —if you're unsure is a moisturizer is good for sensitive skin or a hair product works on curly hair, the review section is the perfect place to see what others have to say.

Reviews truly are invaluable, and Amazon reviews are no exception. Perhaps after you've purchased and used an item, you'll want to pay it forward and write an in-depth review, too.

These innovative and clever products are beloved on Amazon for their ingenuity and reliability, and since they have so many reviews, you can click "buy" with peace of mind.

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