These 41 Brilliant Products That Save You Time & Money Make Amazon Prime SO Worth It

by Lisa Fogarty

If you're on the fence about paying extra for Amazon Prime, there are products out there that might just convince you to sign up ASAP. These brilliant products on Amazon Prime make the subscription service so worth it. You won't find a single frivolous item here — every single product is useful and worth its weight in gold (but won't break the bank).

These innovative products truly run the gamut across a variety of categories. You'll find genius kitchen gadgets like a cherry pitter that collects stones in one container, saving your counters from mess. A bag sealer actually re-seals opened bags of food and keeps snacks tasting as fresh as they did when you bought them. A self-watering planter does the work of caring for your plants and flowers when you are busy doing other things. And an innovative water repellant spray actually clears car windows during rain and snow storms to improve your visibility.

This list is full of smart products that save you money, time, and the headache of having to do annoying chores. If you don't already have an Amazon Prime account, don't hate yourself for signing up immediately when you see these practical products — they make the extra cost so worth it.

This Food-Saving Bag Sealer That Locks In Freshness

Bag ties and clips don't do the best job of locking freshness in and keeping air out. But that's where this bag sealer comes in — it re-seals open bags in seconds and makes food taste the way it did when you first opened the bag. The useful gadget comes in blue and pink, takes 30 seconds to heat up, and only a second to seal.

The Space-Saving Uni-Tool That Serves As A Spatula, Slicer And More

Slice, mix, and serve with this five-in-one uni-tool — a unique, space-saving slotted spatula that can also be used as a solid spoon, turner, spatula, and to cut into foods. The sturdy nylon tool is heat-resistant up to 480-degrees, and is also safe in the dishwasher.

A Cherry Pitter That Catches Stones For Mess-Free Fruit Prep

Pit a basket of cherries in no time — and with no mess — with this cherry pitter, which has a roomy container that catches seeds. The hand-operated tool has a stainless steel plunger and reviewers say it's simple to clean. It's great if you love making pies or jams.

An Easy, Breezy Staple-Free Stapler That Will Never Jam

This smart staple-free stapler takes the worst part out of stapling papers together: dealing with inevitable staple and paper jams. It fastens up to five papers together effortlessly, and without a single staple. It's also compact, lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand, and can be used with just one hand.

This Plant-Based Wrinkle Releaser That Takes The Place Of Your Iron

No iron? No problem. This wrinkle releaser spray is made from safe, plant-based ingredients and will immediately loosen up wrinkles from clothing and fabrics — all without the use of an iron. The spray complies with TSA rules and is the perfect travel-friendly product to keep clothing pulled straight from your luggage looking great.

The Self-Watering Planter That Takes Care Of Plants When You Can't Be There

Even if you're the proud owner of a green thumb who loves talking to and caring for your plants, there may be times when you can't be there to give them love. This self-watering planter will stand in for you by providing the perfect amount of hydration — so you'll never under- or over-water your plants and flowers. It comes in 10 colors. It's great for times you're on vacation.

These Elastic Shoelaces That Will Never Require You To Stop And Tie Them

Stopping to tie your shoes when you're walking, running, or really busy is plain annoying — and avoidable, thanks to these elastic no-tie shoelaces. The laces are simple to install in all types of shoes and sneakers. They come in more than 40 colors and let you slip in and out of sneakers without delay.

An Organic Dry Shampoo That Won't Leave A White Mess In Your Hair

No matter what your hair color, this natural and organic dry shampoo will sap it of excess oil and dirt without leaving a white powdery residue behind. The non-aerosol formula is free of talc and baking soda and comes in two fragrances: lavender or grapefruit. One reviewer writes: "I have thin, fine hair that gets weighed down easily. I do not use the tip to put this in my hair (that creates patches of white that are hard to distribute). Rather I sprinkle a little powder in my hands, turn my head upside down and work it into the roots. After 15 min or so, I brush through my hair with a natural bristle brush. I've been able to go from washing my hair every day to washing it every 4th day because of this product. It smells wonderful and gives my hair extra body and fullness."

The Veggie And Cheese Slicer With Five Different Blades For More Options

Have fun with meal prep — cut and slice your vegetables or cheeses in one of five ways when you invest in this quality slicer, which includes five interchangeable stainless steel blades for cutting peeling, chopping, grating, and more. You can adjust the level of thickness and the tool is easy to wash.

An Air Purifier For Small Rooms That Fights Germs And Odors

Freshen up stale air and remove germs and odors with this air purifier, which is perfect for small spaces like bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms. The purifier uses UV-C light technology and titanium dioxide to attack nasty bacteria and viruses in the air so that you can breathe easier.

This Useful Silicone Grip To Help Open Stubborn Jars

Pry open the most stubborn jars with the help of this silicone jar grip, which ensures a non-slip way to pop things open. The food grade FDA-approved grip doubles as a trivet or potholder so you may just find yourself relying on it several times a day.

A Cleaning Cloth That Dusts And Polishes Without Chemicals

Dust furniture and polish glass without a single chemical agent. These cleaning cloths, which come two in a pack, are activated with a bit of warm water and immediately attract dirt and debris from every surface imaginable. Not only will you keep your environment safe of toxins, but you'll save money on cleaners.

The Water Repellant For Glass That Gives You Better Visibility

Improve visibility when you're driving in rainy or snowy conditions with this glass treatment, a spray that repels water and makes it safer for you to get around when the weather isn't being kind. Spray the formula directly on exterior glass, and its water beading technology gets straight to work.

An Adjustable Folding Chair With A Canopy For Much-Needed Shade

This foldable outdoor chair has it all — an umbrella with UPF-50 protection against the sun, a detachable foot rest, and the option to sit upwards, lean back, or fully recline. Best of all, it has an insulated pocket, a storage pocket that holds up to four bottles (and has a bottle opener), and a cupholder. Take this to your next tailgate or day at the beach.

This Hands-Free Soap Dispenser That Reduces The Spread Of Germs

It makes sense to wash your hands when you fear they contain germs — but it makes less sense to spread those germs to your soap dispenser. And that's why this hands-free soap dispenser is so great. It automatically detects movement with an infrared motion sensor, and dispenses just enough soap each time. It's also waterproof and leak-proof.

The Miniature Desk Fan That Keeps You Cool Without Disrupting Anyone Else

What feels hot to you may not feel the same way to your coworker, which is why this miniature desk fan comes so in handy when temperatures rise. The adjustable fan runs on batteries and boasts three speeds and an LED light. It comes in a variety of colors and can be easily charged with a USB cable.

These Compression Bags For Travel That Free Up Major Luggage Space

Make more room in your luggage with the help of these compression travel bags, which let you roll up clothing and lock them in place with its secure double-zip design. The pack of 12 bags includes six medium and six large bags that keep clothing, toys, and linen dry and safe from mildew, moisture, and insects.

A Supportive Memory Foam Pillow That Pops Back Into Shape

This contoured pillow is designed to cradle your head and neck comfortably and it's ideal for back, side, and even stomach sleepers. Made from quality memory foam, the springy pillow pops right back into its original shape after you've put pressure on it. It comes in standard and queen sizes with a free pillowcase.

An Anti-Moisture Dehumidifier Pouch For Closets, Attics, And Storage Spaces

Place these dehumidifier pouches in spots of your home where you experience intense levels of humidity and moisture (which makes everything in those spaces more susceptible to mildew and mold). The pouches hang by a hook and their crystals work to quickly and effectively absorb moisture from the space.

These Collapsible Food Storage Containers That Are Simple To Store

This set of four silicone food storage containers consist of colorful small, medium, and large containers with lids that are perfect for lunch and leftovers. The containers are safe in the microwave and freezer and, best of all, are collapsible, so they won't take up major space in cabinets.

This Lightweight Mug You Can Take With You That Collapses

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea when you're on-the-go — or camping, hiking, and outdoors — with this reliable lightweight mug, which collapses to half of its size for simple storage. The dishwasher-safe travel cup is made from silicone and boasts a PP heat insulated sleeve to keep your hands from getting too hot or burning while holding it.

The Natural Serum That Freshens Your Breath And Cleans Gums

Brushing your teeth may not be getting your mouth as clean as you'd like — and that's where this natural mouth serum comes in. The serum is made with 11 organic essential oils that work together to clean gums and teeth and give you fresher breath. A few drops of the vegan formula is all it takes.

An Intensely Moisturizing Cream That Shields Hands And Feet From Future Damage

Don't just moisturize dry hands and feet — protect and shield them from further damage with this incredible hand and foot cream. This highly moisturizing cream heals skin and protects against allergens and future irritation, plus it's safe for sensitive skin. One reviewer writes: "As a Registered Nurse, I have been using Gloves in a bottle for years. My hands are in gloves and being washed at least 50 times a day. Gloves in a bottle protects my hands from dryness and chapping. I reapply through out the day as needed. It is not sticky and dries without the feeling of something on your hands."

The Time-Saving Hair Dryer And Brush That Creates Major Volume

Save a ton of time on busy mornings when you dry and style your hair with this one-step hair dryer brush. The round brush has nylon pin and tufted bristles and deliver a powerful 1100 watts of power to dry your hair faster. It provides three heat/speed settings and comes in black or mint. You can use it on damp hair, and it provides the same look you'd achieve at a salon getting a blow out.

This Slim Rolling Laundry Cart With Three Tiers That Fits In Between Appliances

Solve a number of laundry problems with this one smart rolling laundry cart. The cart has three tiers to fit all of your necessities like detergent, irons, and dryer sheets. And its compact design means you can slide it in between appliances and it will take up barely any room.

A Collapsible Java Drip For Brewing Coffee On-The-Go

Brew up to 12 cups of coffee in this unique silicone java drip, which is perfect for outdoor adventures because it collapses flat to take with you. The drip cone fits perfectly over mugs, cups, and water bottles that have wide mouths — and it includes a snap-on cover. One reviewer writes: "When I hike for miles and find a spot to camp for the night I love having the option to brew a fresh cup of coffee. It is even better when you wake up to the cold crisp morning outside and rekindle the embers to heat up some water for your coffee to get you started for the day."

An Intensely Hydrating Treatment For Dry, Rough Heels

When you have ridiculously dry and cracked heels, there's one intensive heel treatment that can help — this ointment, which boasts antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that keep feet soft and smooth. Made with neem and karanja oils, the treatment works equally as well on rough elbows, knees, ankles, and wherever else you need hydration.

The Ultimate Toothbrush Holder With An Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

This mountable toothbrush holder stores and holds up to five toothbrushes and was designed with a convenient cover that keeps dust and germs away from bristles. Even better: it comes with an automatic toothpaste dispenser, so you'll never again have to squeeze that tube to get the last drop of paste.

This Natural Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer Spray

You won't find questionable chemicals in this natural hand sanitizer spray, which is effective at combatting 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. The travel-friendly spray is made with plant-based ingredients like glycerin and jojoba oil and it comes in three scent options: peppermint and citrus, coconut and lemon, or lavender and aloe.

A Powerful Mold And Mildew Cleaner For Seriously Clean Grout

Stop scrubbing grout and tile to within an inch of their life and getting nowhere. This simple-to-use mold and mildew cleaner is a gel that you apply with its convenient nozzle, leave on for five to six hours, and then wash clean. Reviewers say it may take two or three applications — depending on how deeply embedded the mold and mildew is on your tile — but that it eventually works like magic.

These Soft, Aloe-Infused Socks That Soften Feet While You Sleep

Get softer, smoother feet while you slumber — these incredible aloe-infused socks are soothing and perfect for dry, rough skin prone to calluses. The one-size-fits-all socks come in four colors: mint, blue, pale yellow, and pink.

The Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper That Gets Your Mouth Truly Clean

Get your mouth truly clean with an approach pulled straight from ancient Ayurveda: this stainless steel tongue scraper pulls up bacteria and germs from your tongue in a way that no toothbrush can. Thanks to its rubber handles, it's simple to hold and maneuver.

This Four-In-One Utensil Set With A Case For Travel

If you're going camping, to the beach, or just to work and want a better travel-friendly utensil solution for on-the-go meals, this is it. These portable utensils consist of four pieces in one unit: a fork, knife, spoon, and bottle opener — all of which fit together in a convenience nylon storage case. Choose among eight colors and designs.

A Foldable Step Stool That You Can Stash In A Closet

This foldable step stool is so convenient — it's durable, can hold up to 300 pounds, and is perfect for anyone who has shelves they can't reach. But it also folds up like a dream so you can store it in your closet and keep it out of the way.

An Organizer With Dividers For All Of Your Lids

If your container lids are falling all over the place when you open your kitchen cabinet, this lid organizer is going to prove a game changer. The organizer slides right into cabinets and features space to store a number of round and square lids up to 9 inches. It has five adjustable dividers so you can organize lids however you see fit.

This Shoe Organizer That Can Slide Right Under Your Bed

Fit up to 12 pairs of shoes in this shoe organizer, which has a slim enough design to fit right under your bed. Each set comes with two organizers that fit six pairs each — they're made from durable, non-woven fabric and come in black or beige.

These Genius Eyeshadow Catchers So That You Never Ruin Your Foundation

If you've applied makeup in your life you probably know the feeling: you've perfected your concealer and foundation, only to ruin it all with eyeshadow and eyeliner smudges. These eyeshadow stencils solve that problem: they're made from non-woven fabric and fit right under your eye in a half-moon shape that captures eye makeup residue. You'll get 100 disposable stencils in each pack.

The All-In-One Broom, Brush, And Squeegee For Wet And Dry Messes

No matter what type of mess you're dealing with — wet spills or dry debris — this incredible broom and squeegee can handle it. This combination broom/brush features soft bristles and an extendable telescopic handle. Use it indoors or outdoors for every cleaning job under the sun.

This Battery Tester So You Never Have To Guess How Much Power Is Left

Test the power of your batteries before you rely on them to operate gadgets and tools. This battery tester has an easy-to-read analog display needle that shifts to green (good), yellow (low) or red (replace/recharge), depending on the needs of your batteries. And it works with all types of batteries.

A Bedside Caddy For Easy Access To Remotes And Your Phone

If you're short on space, lack a nightstand, or just need additional storage, this bedside caddy has a roomy pocket that fits remote controls, your phone, books, and any accessories you need. It's made from soft felt material and attaches right to the side of your bed.

The Stain Remover So Powerful It Lifts Up Wine Stains

If the true test of a stain remover is whether it can lift up stubborn red wine stains, this one passes with flying colors. Adorably packaged like a bottle of wine, all you have to do is spray fabric, blot, and wait for stains to disappear. It also works on other notoriously difficult stains like chocolate, grease, and blood.

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