These 40 Clever Amazon Products Save You Money Every Time You Use Them

by Lisa Fogarty

What could be better than coming across products that are convenient and make your life easier? Only one thing: discovering products that may cost you money in the short term, but have long-term benefits for your wallet. These 40 clever Amazon products save you money every time you use them.

Whether they shave off the cost of monthly facial treatments or pedicures or provide some kind of amazing health benefit that could save you a trip to the chiropractor down the line, these are the practical money-saving products that you'll love now and that will be well worth the money in the long run.

This list is bursting with genius products that truly run the gamut and touch upon every category under the sun — from beauty and grooming to tech and cleaning needs.

You'll find an ultrasonic blackhead remover that sucks up sebum, an espresso maker that can brew up to 6 cups and is perfect for parties, an eyelash growth serum that will save you hundreds of dollars in lash extensions, bamboo towels that can be tossed in the washing machine and will make ordinary paper towels obsolete in your home, and so much more.

These products are cleverly designed and won't break the bank.

An Exfoliating Peeling Gel That Sloughs Away Dead Skin Cells

Slough away dead skin cells that are making your complexion appear duller than usual with this exfoliating peeling gel, which also helps remove blackheads and keep acne at bay. The gel contains natural ingredients like Dead Sea minerals and nutshell powder that gently, but effectively scrub away dirt and dead skin to brighten your complexion.

One reviewer reveals: “What you should expect from this product: honestly, the first time you use it, expect to be completely grossed out. Unless you're switching from another exfoliator/microdermabrasion product, you're going to be stunned at how much crap is on your face, and it's going to come off in these little whitish-gray chunks of dead cells that will make you briefly regret ever touching this stuff to your face.”

These Reusable Bamboo Makeup Removing Wipes

If you use ordinary cotton pads to wipe away the day’s makeup, dirt, and oil, chances are you go through packet after packet at lightning speed. Save money and take a small action that’s better for the environment by switching to these eco-friendly bamboo makeup remover pads, which can be washed and reused a number of times. The biodegradable pads even come with their own laundry bag to keep them in tip-top shape.

This Natural Pumice Stone Made From Volcanic Rock

Scrub away dead skin on your feet and remove tough, hardened calluses without a single chemical. This natural pumice stone is made from actual black volcanic rock. It’s gentle, but extremely powerful when it comes to sloughing away cells and it will leave your feet smooth in no time. The stone comes with a natural rope attached to it so you can hang it to dry.

A Water Flosser For Teeth So You Never Have To Mess With String Again

Take good care of your teeth and gums now and save yourself a world of trouble (and dental expenses) in the future. This water flosser is unique in that it relies on a powerful water stream to remove food particles, stains, and plaque from teeth and gums. No more messing around with string floss (which can be painful and cause bloody gums). The battery-operated flosser has three modes: normal, gentle, and pulse.

These finger stretchers and grips that can relieve arthritis pain

Strengthen your grip and your fingers and relieve pain and tension caused by conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome with the help of these hand grip strengtheners. The 6-piece set includes three finger stretchers and three hand grips. They’re made from tear-resistant silicone and can be used anywhere to give your wrists, hands, and fingers a workout.

The no-nonsense manual food chopper for fast salads and meals

Sometimes low-tech gadgets are best. That’s the case when it comes to this easy-pull manual chopper and food processor, which chops and dices veggies and fruit with nothing but a few tugs of a pulling mechanism. The chopper has a sharp blade and a transparent bowl with a non-slip base that can hold up to 3 cups of food. The more pulls you give it, the creamier in consistency your ingredients (you can even use it to whip up smoothies).

A Plant-Based Stain Remover That's Free Of Nasty Chemicals

You might assume that only the harshest of chemicals can combat stubborn stains like grease, blood, and red wine. But this laundry stain remover is made from plant-based enzymes and contains zero toxins or petroleum-based ingredients. It gets to work fast lifting any and all stains from clothing, carpets, linens, and other fabrics that can be washed.

This Container With A Lid That Preserves Fresh Herbs For Longer

Fresh herbs are always one of the first food items to go bad — which makes it completely possible to spend far too much money than necessary on all of that parsley, basil, and oregano. But when you preserve herbs in this special herb container, which is slim and fits in most fridge doors, it actually retains their freshness for much longer, saving you money in the long run. The container has a uniquely designed lid that raises and lowers an internal basket, making it easier to take herbs out when you need them.

An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cleaning Towel That You Can Reuse

All of those rolls of paper towels are costing money and they aren’t doing the environment any favors, to booth. Save money and trees by switching to these durable bamboo cleaning towels, which are less likely to tear and can actually be washed in the washing machine. Each roll comes with 20 perforated sheets that replace 60 paper towel rolls. They’re super absorbent and one sheet can be used as astounding 120 times before you’ll need to discard it.

These Toothpaste Tube Squeeze Dispensers So You Can Get Every Last Drop

There's a pretty good chance you’re leaving toothpaste behind in its tube. There’s no longer any reason to waste money on toothpaste when you have these smart toothpaste tube squeezer dispensers, which fit around the tube and help you get out every last drop. The squeezers also work on products like facial creams, cleansers, shampoo, and conditioner.

An Intensely Hydrating Overnight Lip Mask Treatment

Go to bed with chapped, dry lips and wake up with moistened, hydrated ones — this lip treatment starts working on the spot and continues moisturizing lips throughout the night. It's made with a blend of intensely hydrating ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and murumuru butter.

The Lash And Brow Growth Serum For Longer, Stronger Hair

Longer, thicker eyebrows and eyelashes start with stronger, healthier hair follicles — and this is the lash serum that will help lead you there. This serum, which has a perfectly thin brush applicator, contains natural growth peptides and castor oil. Apply it to the base of lashes and in between brows to boost hair growth and stimulate hair follicles.

These Charcoal Sticks That Remove Chemicals From Drinking Water

These quality Japanese charcoal water filter sticks remove chlorine and other chemicals from drinking water so that it’s better tasting (and healthier) for you. The sticks can be used in glasses or bottles and each charcoal stick should last about three months.

This Smartphone Finder That Rings Your Phone When It's Lost

Misplaced your phone? Grab this tile pro phone finder, double press the tile button, and it will make your phone ring even if you set your device on silent mode. The compact gadget has a replaceable battery that’s guaranteed to last for one year after its initial activation. It comes in black or black and white.

A Curvy Massage Stick That Hits Your Trigger Points

Enjoy quick relief from pain and tension with this S-shaped handheld massage stick, which has durable massage hooks throughout that target all of your body’s trigger points. Designed from medical-grade resin, the massage tool is perfect for loosening up tense muscles and it can easily provide a full-body massage that works from your head and neck all the way down to your feet.

These Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights With Motion Sensors

These solar-powered lights detect motion and turn on, illuminating a path in your garden or in front of your home. Each light in the four-pack is outfitted with 28 bright LED’s and has a rechargeable Li-ion battery (which charges under sunlight). When motion isn’t detected, the lights turn off after 30 seconds, saving battery power. Mount them anywhere and they’ll stand up to rain, wind, and snow.

The Eco-Friendly Mesh Produce Bags That Keep Veggies And Fruits From Spoiling

These strong mesh produce bags are worlds better than plastic — both for the planet and for your fruit or veggies. The sturdy bags allow for optimum air flow, which helps keep produce from spoiling. They come in a pack of five with color-coded tops and can be tossed in the washing machine for a cleaning.

An Antioxidant-Rich Green Tea Matcha Facial Mask

Give your pores a deep cleaning treatment that unclogs excess sebum with this antioxidant-rich green tea matcha facial mud mask. This treatment is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including green tea extract, and it will leave skin hydrated, clean, and smooth.

This Stainless Steel Reusable Wipe Cloth For All Of Those Smudges

All of those smudges, fingerprints, and dirt that build up on stainless steel appliances can be close to impossible to clean off. But these nano towels clean stainless steel and metal surfaces without a single chemical cleaner — just add water. The double-sided towel cleans on one side and polishes on the other, without scratching surfaces. Throw them in the washing machine and use them again and again.

A Bunion Corrector & Protector Sleeve Kit

Before bunions have a chance to get worse (and possibly require surgery) wrap them in these bunion sleeves that keep toes separated, straighten and stretch toes, and offer pain relief. The 7-piece set includes breathable, vented silicone toe separators with comfy wraps.

The 3-In-1 Straightening, Curling & Blow Drying Brush

Do more with one hot hair tool — this 3-in-1 brush is a blow drying brush, straightener, and curler in one. It features two heat settings and a 1.25-inch ceramic tourmaline barrel that delivers even heating. It can help add volume to your roots and get your hair dry and styled in a fraction of the time.

This Gel Cleaner That Clears Keyboards Of Dust & Debris

Pick up every speck of dust and debris from your keyboard and keep it from malfunctioning by giving it a good, easy clean with this gel keyboard cleaner. The squishy cleaning tool may seem unusual at first, but it effectively lifts up debris — and all you have to do is gently press it against your keyboard. The gel can be used tons of times before it will need to be replaced and there’s no risk of ruining your keyboard with water or liquid cleaning agents.

These BBQ & Cooking Gloves That Are Resistant To Extreme Heat

There are a number of heat-resistant cooking and oven gloves that can handle high temperatures. But if you’re a BBQ devotee, these are the durable gloves you need in your life — gloves that can resist temperatures of up to 932 degrees. These cotton and silicone gloves won’t tear, are flexible enough to handle all of your food prep duties, and are long enough to protect your wrists. They come in three palm sizes for the perfect fit and two colors: blue or purple.

The Callus Remover Gel For Baby-Soft Feet

A callus removing rusk can only work so well — this callus removing gel boosts your skin’s ability to renew itself with a powerful, but gentle formula that sloughs away dead skin and hardened calluses. Bonus points: it works on all skin types.

One reviewer writes: “I have super sensitive skin, so to find something that doesn’t irritate is a huge plus. It also has almost no scent, another bonus! This product doesn’t burn, sting, or have any cons as far as I can see. I have used it several times now, and it just keeps getting better. I have had calluses on my feet for years that no amount of filing, soaking, or any combination of products have cleared up, and this product has done it.”

This Set Of Washable Lunch & Snack Bags With A Tight Seal

Pack lunch and snacks in these reusable storage bags, which feature a tight, leak-proof seal and extra-thick PEVA material that helps keep the planet free of plastic. The set of five bags include three lunch and two snack bags, all of which can be washed and reused.

A Party-Ready Espresso Maker That Whips Up 6 Cups Of Coffee

Guests will flock to your kitchen when you brew strong espresso in this extra-large espresso maker, which whips up to 6 demitasse cups of coffee. The classic espresso maker is designed with a strong aluminum finish and has handles and lid knobs that stay cool to the touch.

The Toe Separator And Spreader Set That Straighten Toes And Relieve Bunion Pain

If you suffer from foot pain associated with bunions or overlapping toes, you can help train your toes and straighten them out with these toe separators. The comfortable separators are made from medical-grade gel latex and are soft and washable. They come in one size and two colors: beige or white.

An Organic Set Of Food Saver Sheets That Keep Produce Fresh

Keep fruits and vegetables from spoiling so fast by adding these food saver papers to containers, fruit baskets, and fridge drawers. These food-safe papers are made with organic spices and can be reused for up to 30 days, then recycled or composted. They’ll help keep produce fresh for twice as long, saving you money on your grocery bill.

The Convenient Salad Dressing Shaker And Dispenser

Make, shake, store, and pour from this salad dressing shaker, which has the capacity to hold 1.5 cups of dressing. The dishwasher-safe shaker has helpful measurement markers and an airtight, leakproof seal. You can open and close the lever with one hand and it comes in two sizes and two colors.

An Ultrasonic Blackhead Removal Device With A Perfect 5-Star Rating

Blackheads are notoriously stubborn and difficult to get rid of unless you pay for monthly facial treatments — which is why, when you come across a 5-star rated blackhead removal ultrasonic device like this on, you act fast. This set includes an ultrasonic facial cleaner device and serum that quickly, effectively digs in deep to remove excess sebum and unclog pores.

And the reviews are incredible. One reviewer raves: “You use a product on your skin to "loosen the blackheads" in your pores, then use the handheld device to get all the gunk out. It amazed me how much stuff came out of my pores! It doesn't squeeze the stuff out, but seems to be vibrating it out. As I move the end piece of the device across the loosened pores, it just pops right out!”

The Heated, Vibrating Foot Massager And Spa For Tired Feet

Give tired, fatigued feet the royal treatment with this foot spa, which includes a soothing heating function and bubble action. You can set the water temperature to one that’s comfortable for you and the spa includes four removable massaging rollers that target acupressure points in your feet for fast pain and pressure relief.

This Tea Infuser Basket That Keeps Leaves From Slipping Into Your Cup

Fill up this stainless steel tea infuser basket with your favorite tea leaves and give it a long dip into your teacup — no need to worry about leaves slipping by. The finely etched basket is large and has a dual-function lid that works to both keep heat trapped inside of your cup, while also acting as a drip tray.

These Biodegradable Bamboo Straws That Won't Change The Taste Of Your Drink

The anti-plastic revolution is on — but the need for straws is still very much alive, which is why these organic and biodegradable and reusable bamboo straws are an excellent solution. The set of 12 natural straws come in a variety of sizes to suit every drinker and cup in your home and they include two cleaning brushes to get out any and all gunk and a storage bag.

An Eco-Conscious Set Of Food Wraps Made From Beeswax

This pack of three food wraps hits the mark in three crucial ways that are better for the environment: they’re washable, reusable, and compostable. The handcrafted wraps are made with genius ingredients like beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil that help preserve food and keep it fresher for longer. Each set comes with a small, medium, and large wrap in a choice of four colors and prints.

The Programmable Light Switch Dimmer So You Can Schedule Your Lighting

If you’re accidentally leaving lights on all over the house, this programmable light switch is here to save you a bundle on your electricity bill. You can customize up to seven schedules per week via a simple interface that features just three buttons and is in no way intimidating. The dimmer is compatible with a number of lights, including LCD, halogen, CFL, and incandescent lighting.

An Automatic Grinder For A Variety Of Coffee Beans

Take whole coffee beans and grind them down in about 20 seconds with this coffee grinder. The electric grinder lets you control the amount of grinding so that you can make everything from coarse grinds for your French press to ultra-fine espresso grinds. You’ll get a higher quality cup of coffee with the simple switch of a button.

A Wearable Acupressure Tool That Naturally Relieves Headache Pain

The next time you get a raging headache, you don’t have to reach for aspirin as your first option — more than 800 reviewers rave about how this wearable acupressure tool, which is placed between your thumb and pointer finger, can naturally relieve headache tension and pain. The tool relies on placing pressure on the LI4 acupressure point, which is connected to your head. It comes in three colors.

These Planet-Friendly Hemp Coffee Filters

Brew a delicious cup of coffee and know that you’re also taking a step toward making the planet greener — these organic hemp reusable coffee filters contain absolutely no plastics and are more durable and less likely to tear than cotton. Wash and dry them after each use — they’re naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria. The filters come in three sizes to fit most coffee machines.

An Energy-Conserving Outlet That Shuts Off Power To Appliances

Cut off energy to appliances when you aren’t using them with a simple flick of a switch. This energy-saving outlet has a switch that, when off, won’t consume any power at all. With this one outlet you won’t waste money or energy on appliances and electronics that you aren’t currently using.

The Collapsible Popcorn Popper With Won't Leave A Kernel Unpopped

When you wake up after barely sleeping at all, these collagen eye patches are there to provide instant relief. The wearable gold patches contain hydrating hydrogel and hyaluronic acid and help combat puffiness and dark circles. Wear them for 15 minutes as you go about your business — and store them in the fridge for an additional de-puffing treat.

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