These 35 Brilliant Hidden Gems On Amazon Are About To Hit 2,000 Reviews

I know what you're probably thinking: "How can any of these products be 'hidden gems' if they're all close to having 2,000 reviews?" Yes, it does seem like a bit of an oxymoron at first — but it's tough to keep up with the cult-favorite products available on Amazon. You might live a busy life, whereas it is literally my job to share with you the pair of black stainless steel nail clippers that I found while perusing the virtual aisles last week. So even though thousands of people may have discovered how amazing these items are, rest assured that you'll probably be the first of your friends to own the hidden gems on this list.

Now, if you're really trying to impress your friends, let me direct your attention to the wine aerator on this list (it'll improve the taste of any cheap bottle of red wine). Or, if you're looking for a chic way to set the mood in your home, check out the diffuser that's included in this roundup. Not only does it have eight different LED lamp colors to choose from, but it also doubles as a cool-mist humidifier whenever the air gets a little too dry for comfort.

And I could go on for days about the compact air fryer that gets your food deliciously crispy with a fraction of the oil. I could, but I won't — partially because it'll bore you, but mostly because all of these genius products on Amazon speak for themselves.

Lifestyle — These 35 Brilliant Hidden Gems On Amazon Are About To Hit 2,000 Reviews

1. This Dermatologist-Recommended Moisturizing Cream That's Made Without Fragrances

Unlike other hydrating creams that can be loaded with synthetic additives, this dermatologist-recommended moisturizing cream is formulated without fragrances or oils. The hypoallergenic cream is non-irritating and won't clog your pores, which makes it a great choice if you have sensitive skin. The hyaluronic acid inside the cream is great for helping your skin hold onto its moisture — and it's even safe for people with eczema.

2. A Set Of Black Stainless Steel Nail Clippers That Are Rust-Resistant

These nail clippers made with black stainless steel, which means they won't lose their sharpness over time and they're highly resistant to rust. Their anti-slip levers keep them securely in your hands as you work. Plus, their ergonomic designs make it easy to clip the corners of your nails without digging into your skin. Every order comes with one clipper with curved blades, one clipper with straight blades, and one nail file.

3. This Moisturizing "Water Gel" That Absorbs Quickly Into Your Complexion

Unlike traditional creams that can leave you feeling wet and greasy, this moisturizing facial gel is formulated to absorb super quickly. Its star ingredient is hyaluronic acid — which holds 1,000 times its weight in water, making it a powerful hydrator. Plus, it's completely non-comedogenic and free from any, oils, dyes, or synthetic fragrances.

4. A Posture Corrector That's Made With Comfortable Material

If your back is often sore at the end of the day, it might be due to your posture. Give your spine some extra support by wearing this posture corrector. This brace is made from lightweight, breathable materials that'll prevent you from getting too hot and sweaty. Plus, it's almost invisible underneath your clothes, which means that no one has to know you're wearing it.

5. A Cozy Heating Pad Made That Offers Dry & Moist Heat

This large heating pad is an easy way to alleviate pain without any additional creams or products, and it's made with super-soft microplush fibers that'll make you feel extra cozy. There are multiple heat options to choose from (including dry and moist settings). It's also machine-washable, which is super convenient.

6. A Cutting Board With Different Mats That Help Prevent Cross-Contamination

Made from eco-friendly bamboo that's incredibly durable, this cutting board sets itself apart from the competition by featuring seven color-coded mats that help prevent cross-contamination between your meats and vegetables. Each cutting mat fits securely into the top of the board. Plus, the non-slip silicone feet on the bottom prevent the board from sliding all over your countertop while you prepare your meal. The mats can be conveniently stored inside the board when they're not being used.

7. A Juicer That Lets You Decide How Much Pulp Is In Your Drink

This citrus juicer feature three different settings that let you choose how much pulp will make it into your final cup of juice. It also has an auto-reversing cone that gets every last drop of your fruit into your drink. The brushed stainless steel design is easy to clean and comes in four color sections. Plus, its "extra long" spout will help prevent any accidental drips from dirtying up your countertops, because more glass types will fit underneath it.

8. A Red Wine Aerator That Comes With Drip-Resistant Stand

This red wine aerator is compatible with all types of red wine, and its no-drip stand helps prevent accidental spills from making their way onto your tabletop. The built-in filter screen also prevents any pieces of cork or leftover sediment from making their way into your final glass. Plus, each order comes with a travel pouch for extra convenience.

9. A Moisturizing Cuticle Oil That's Made With Honey Extract

This cuticle oil is formulated with honey that naturally soothes any painful areas, along with an added lactic acid from milk that works to refresh the appearance of your cuticles. In all, it'll help hydrate and protect your cuticles with every use. One Amazon reviewer even raved that she experienced "no splitting, no breaking ... and the bottle is huge!"

10. A Colorful Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Humidifier

Not only is it great for dispersing your favorite essential oils around your room, but this diffuser also doubles as a cool-mist humidifier with the air in your home becomes too dry. This diffuser also operates at an ultra-silent level so that you can easily let it run while you sleep. There are even eight LED light colors to choose from while setting the mood, including orange, yellow, white, cyan, green, blue, purple, and red.

11. A Screen-Cleaning Kit That's Actually Safe For Your Phone

This phone screen cleaning kit comes with a cleaning spray that's non-toxic and completely odorless, and it's formulated to be safe for any cell phone screen or electronic device. It removes up to 99.99 percent of dust, dirt, and oil. Plus, each order also comes with an extra soft microfiber cleaning cloth.

12. These Knee-High Compression Socks With Vibrant Floral Patterns

If your legs grow swollen throughout the day, check out these breathable, muscle-supporting compression socks. Not only can they help reduce swelling, but they can also encourage blood circulation throughout your feet and calves. However, unlike other supportive socks, these ones don't offer compression for your toes (so they won't feel too squeezed inside of your shoes). They're machine-washable and come in four colors that you can choose from, complete with floral designs.

13. The Meat Thermometer That's 100% Waterproof

This waterproof meat thermometer only takes about three seconds to provide you with an ultra-accurate reading to help you see whether or not your meat is properly cooked. Plus, its bright LCD screen makes it easy to use if you're grilling in the dark. There's also a built-in magnet that allows you to easily store it on the front of your refrigerator. How's that for convenience?

14. A Dish-Drying Mat That Can Hold 4 Times Its Weight In Water

This dish-drying mat is made from soft microfiber that won't scratch your fine china, and it can hold up to four times its weight in water. (Because of that, you won't be stuck with a soggy mat every day.) This mat dries faster than traditional dish towels. Plus, there's a built-in loop that lets you hang it to dry.

15. This Lunch Bag That'll Keep Your Food Warm For 6 Hours

This oh-so-chic lunch box is insulated to help hot foods stay warm for up to six hours. Plus, its linen handles and nylon construction are exceptionally durable. The lunch box is large enough to hold multiple containers and drinks, and its top opens up wide so it's easy to load and unload.

16. This Oral Rinse That Fights Bad Breath For Up To 24 Hours

Not only does this oral rinse from TheraBreath target the sulfur-producing bacteria that cause odors, but it also keeps that same bacteria at bay for up to 24 hours. Unlike other mouthwashes, this one doesn't burn or sting while you swish. Plus, it's completely free from any artificial colors, flavors, or gluten.

17. A Blind Spot Mirror That You Can Stick Onto Your Car

This stick-on blind spot mirror is designed with a curved face that'll give you an enhanced field of vision while you drive. It can also swivel a full 360 degrees so that you can adjust it to your preferred angle. Each order comes with strong adhesive that it's easy to install, and it's designed to fit all types of side-view mirrors.

19. A Bag That Latches Onto Your Bike & Holds Your Phone

This convenient bag mounts directly to your bicycle so you can easily keep your phone, keys, wallet, gloves, and other small items secure while you ride. The built-in phone case allows you to use your touchscreen without having to take the phone out. Plus, the built-in earphone hole lets you snake headphone wires through so you can still listen to music. It's also water-resistant, which will come in handy if it rains. There are zero tools required for installation, so it should be easy to add to your ride.

20. This Convenient Outlet With 2 USB Ports

This outlet plug has two USB ports, so you won't have to search for an extra power brick to charge your electronics. It also has built-in surge protection to keep your devices safe from damage. Its LED protection indicator lights up so you know it's working. Plus, the space-saving design is great for consolidating bulky power strips. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "it charges our devices significantly faster than using a normal charging block!"

21. A Cherry-Pitting Tool With A Convenient Splatter Shield

It doesn't matter whether you're pitting cherries or olives, as this handy pitting tool makes quick work out of what was once an annoying chore. This tool is made from strong die-cast metal and has non-slip handles that'll keep it secure in your hands. It also features a splatter shield that'll keeps you clean from stray juices.

22. Award-Winning Blemish Patches That Heal Your Acne ASAP

These vegan, cruelty-free blemish patches use hydrocolloid to absorb the impurities from your acne and accelerate the healing process. Each stick-on spot treatment is fairly translucent, which means you can totally wear them while you're out and about if you want. They're also strong enough that you can wear them overnight without worrying about them falling off.

23. A Pack Of Blotting Tissues Made With Bamboo Charcoal

Unlike various other blotting sheets, these blotting sheets are made from natural linen and eco-friendly organic bamboo charcoal. The built-in dispenser makes it easy to grab one sheet instead of two, and you can use both sides of these sheets to help save some money.

24. A Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner That Uses Zero Bleach

This garbage disposal cleaner reaches deep into your pipes to get rid of grime, bacteria, grease, and other gross build-up (which will help prevent a foul-smelling kitchen). There are zero harsh bleaches in the formula, since it relies on natural ingredients to get your disposal clean. It cleans the entire disposal, including the sidewalls, blades, and the space underneath the splashguard.

25. A Compression Eye Mask That Has Massage Beads Inside Of It

You can wear this cotton compression eye mask to block out the light on a long flight, or to alleviate pain from migraines, headaches, sinus pain, and even tired eyes. It features massage beads on the inside that'll help soothe away any tension, along with a pop-out design that'll prevent uncomfortable pressure on your eyes. Plus, you can store this lightweight mask in your freezer for a refreshing cooling effect.

26. A Facial Cleansing Water That's Free Of Alcohol & Fragrances

If you're looking for a way to remove makeup without irritating your sensitive skin, this facial cleansing water will do the trick. The gentle cleanser easily gets rid of dirt, makeup, oil, and more (without added alcohols or fragrances). It's gentle enough to use every day and won't leave any oily residues on your skin.

27. A Stainless Steel Bar That Eliminates Funky Odors From Your Hands

Perfect for novice home cooks and professional chefs alike, this odor absorber easily gets rid of funky odors from fish, meat, garlic, and more. All you have to do is rub this bar between your hands like you would with regular soap. Then, the molecules in the steel will bind to the odor molecules on your hands, eliminating them so you're left scent-free. It's made from stainless steel, and you can use it with or without water.

28. The Antifungal Soap Formulated With Hydrating Aloe Vera

Not only is it great for fighting nail fungus, ringworm, yeast infections, and athlete's foot, but this antifungal soap is also formulated with aloe vera so that it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. The added coconut, olive, and jojoba oils work to further soothe any irritated areas while simultaneously fighting unwanted odor. Plus, there are zero synthetic chemicals, colors, fragrances, or preservatives in the formula.

29. A Prescription-Strength Antiperspirant That Lasts For Up To 72 Hours

If you're finding that regular deodorant isn't strong enough, try using this prescription-strength antiperspirant. Not only can it help stop excessive sweating for up to 72 hours, but the roll-on applicator makes it easy to put underneath your arms without the risk of any excess leaking into your clothes. One Amazon reviewer even noted that after "30 straight hours of flights, layovers, and running frantic miles through the Istanbul airport, I arrived with fresh pits!"

30. A Personal Fan With A Swivel Base (& Pastel Color Selections)

This personal fan with a swivel base is a cute way to beat the summer heat. There are two operating speeds to choose from, depending on how much of a breeze you'd like coming your way. Plus, the high-gloss finish and pastel color options make it a great accent piece. It's also convenient, because the grill folds down when it's not in use.

31. An Air Fryer That Gives You Deliciously Crispy Food Without Using All Of That Oil

If you're looking to get that same deliciously crispy texture on your food while using only a fraction of the oil, you'll want to check out this air fryer from DASH. The non-stick fryer basket is large enough to hold a dozen chicken wings — but it still heats up and prepares your meal faster than it would take to pre-heat your oven. You can use it to make french fries, meat, fish, baked goods, and more. Plus, the built-in timer helps prevent your food from overcooking.

32. These Food-Saving Containers With "CrispTrays" To Prevent Moisture

These produce-saving containers will help keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer periods of time. Each order comes with one large container and two medium-sized containers that are lined with a "CrispTray." That tray works to absorb any excess moisture from your ingredients. Plus, the vents at the top of the containers regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside of the space.

33. A Food Chopper That Minces, Grinds, & Blends Your Ingredients

Unlike other devices that can only give you a coarse chop on your vegetables, this compact food chopper can also mince, grind, blend, and chop your ingredients (depending on what the recipe calls for). The powerful 200-watt motor means you can use this chopper on garlic, onions, herbs, cheese, nuts, candies, and more. Plus, it's large enough that you can also use it to make dressings, marinades, or even salsa.

34. A Batter-Powered Toothbrush With A Built-In Pressure Sensor

This toothbrush from Philips is designed with a built-in sensor that protects your teeth and gums from excess pressure. Able to remove up to seven times more plaque than a regular toothbrush, this one also has a timer that ensures you brush for the recommended two minutes. Plus, the battery can last for up to two weeks when fully charged.

35. An Iced Coffee Maker That Can Also Brew Iced Tea

This versatile iced coffee maker can also be used to brew tea bags, or even your own custom blend of loose tea. The machine features a brew strength selector bar that lets you choose how potent your final beverage will be. Plus, the automatic shut-off prevents your coffee or tea from over-brewing. You can use it to make double or single servings.

36. These Outlet Timers That'll Turn Your Electronics Off For You

These outlet timers will ensure that your electronics are turned off overnight. They're great for Christmas trees, lamps, or even your internet router — and you can set the time in 30-minute increments. One Amazon reviewer also noted that "the construction is heavy plastic ... very rugged." Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily’s editorial and sales departments.