These 32 Hidden Gems On Amazon Are Rising Stars Amongst Millennials

By Shayna Murphy

Millennials get a lot of flak for ruining stuff like cable, chain restaurants, and buying houses but one thing we've never been accused of messing up is a good deal. That's why when you're shopping for hidden gems on Amazon, you'll usually see that some of the biggest steals around the site are also really popular with millennials.

The reason? Well, it's pretty simple if you think about it. For most of us, being broke AF means it's important to be on the prowl for huge savings, especially when you're shopping online. While millennials tend to gravitate toward cheaper products as a rule, there's more to this trend than just saving a few bucks. By and large, the things that score the most points with millennials aren't just inexpensive: they're multi-functional and designed to help simplify everyday tasks, meaning you'll get plenty of bang for your buck down the line.

Since Amazon is the largest online retailer, it's one of the best places to shop (period) if you're looking to save money while still getting great value. But to get a glimpse of which products are really resonating, all you have to do is find the products that are becoming rising stars amongst the avocado toast demographic. In this round-up, I've pulled together some of the most popular products trending up now on the site, especially among fellow millennials.

Entertainment — These 32 Hidden Gems On Amazon Are Rising Stars Amongst Millennials
by Shayna Murphy

1. An Intoxicating Way To Relax, Unwind, And Clear Your Senses Completely

Herbivore Botanicals Dead Sea Bath Salts, $18, Amazon

With a fragrant blend of lavender and eucalyptus, this blend of Dead Sea bath salts can penetrate the senses in a way that feels absolutely hypnotic. Made with Cambrian blue clay — which is known for its detoxifying effects — these salts are also totally vegan and sustainably handcrafted, so this makes a great gift for eco-conscious millennials.


2. This Nourishing Rose Water Spray That'll Help Clear And Soothe Troubled Skin

Valentia Organic Rose Water Toner Spray, $15, Amazon

You'll feel refreshed in seconds with this Turkish rose water spray, which works as an amazing source of nutrients, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants for irritated skin. This toner works to absorb excess oils, even out tone, and clear away dead skin cells — all so your skin's pH levels are truly in harmony. One reviewer writes: "use it exclusively as a toner after washing my face. I find that it has mild calming and tightening properties. It smells AMAZING (the way the perfect bouquet of roses should smell) and is amazingly refreshing. I find that my skin is less red and irritated now that I use this rose water."


3. A Natural Sunlight-Simulating Lamp That Can Help Cure The Blues

CubeTech Health Light, $31, Amazon

Light therapy can be a great way to naturally treat some of the symptoms of seasonal depression or unusual sleep schedules, and with this light, reviewers swear you'll definitely see a difference. Portable and adjustable with 10,000 LUX of bright light, this provides natural sunlight on days when things are foggy and overcast. It's flicker- and UV-free, and it has a dimmer to choose the exact kind of light you prefer.


4. These Makeup Remover Pads That Are Completely Reusable And Gentle On Sensitive Skin

Wegreeco Makeup Remover Pads, $17 (12 Pack), Amazon

Keep your skin soft and healthy with these makeup remover pads, which come in multiple colors and are equivalent to using 2,000 disposable cotton pads over their lifetime. Whether you're using a toner or cleanser to remove makeup, these pads are gentle on skin and penetrate deep into pores to successfully get rid of all traces of makeup, sunscreen, and other substances on the surface of skin.


5. A Dye That Allows You To Tap Into Your Inner Unicorn

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair, $16, Amazon

Reviewers say that this semi-permanent hair dye delivers amazing color that's vibrant and lasts, regardless of whether you're going with a gray hue, a hot pink shade, or something more subdued. Verified vegan and never tested on animals, Unicorn Hair is great when you're looking for a color explosion that'll make your hair as fun and fierce as you want it to be.


6. This Natural Balm That'll Protect Lips From Harmful Rays

Badger Balm Sunscreen Lip Balm, $6, Amazon

Protect your lips from the harmful effects from too much sun exposure with this lip balm, which offers broad-spectrum coverage against UVA and UVB rays. Formulated with scent-free SPF 15, plus beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, and cocoa butter, it really moisturizes lips and will leave them feeling incredibly hydrated.


7. A Pillow That Uses Acupressure To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

ZenGuru Acupressure U-Shaped Pillow, $30, Amazon

For neck and shoulder pain that just won't go away, you should try this U-shaped pillow. It uses the power of acupressure massage to naturally ease body pain, while also reducing trigger point discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and other parts of the body. Using this for 20 minutes a day can also help reduce the intensity and occurrence of severe headaches and migraines, which is a major perk. One reviewer raved: "I thought this was a risky product to buy, but now I can't live without it!"


8. A Scalp Treatment That'll Make Dandruff History

Briogeo Charcoal and Tea Tree Scalp Treatment, $32, Amazon

Need relief from a dry, itchy, or irritated scalp? This unique treatment combines witch hazel, tea tree oil, charcoal, and biotin — a B-complex vitamin — to strengthen hair and soothe scalps impacted by dandruff or psoriasis. Sulfate-free and made with mostly all-natural ingredients, it's a great option if you're looking to balance your scalp's pH levels, reduce flakiness, and have healthier hair overall.


9. A Smartphone Stand So You Can Go Hands-Free And Chill Anywhere You Want

Mr. Bed Buddy Smartphone Stand, $10, Amazon

This funky little phone stand may not seem like much, but it can actually make a world of difference when you're trying to stream content from your device. Durable and adjustable, it has tripod legs and can fit most Apple and Android models — and it doesn't need a completely flat surface to stay upright, so it's especially great to use in bed.


10. These Rainbow-Colored Straws That You Can Keep On Reusing

GINOVO Reusable Drinking Straws, $11 (Set of 6), Amazon

Plastic straws can be incredibly bad for the environment, but one of the benefits of using these drinking straws is that they're built to be reusable. Instead of tossing out plastic straws — which are usually not recycled — you can hold onto these shatter-resistant glass straws and use them in any hot or cold beverage. This set of six also comes with a cleaning brush, so they're super easy to maintain, too.


11. A Device That Uses Sonic Waves To Exfoliate Skin

NOXZEMA Sonic Beauty-Wand, $10, Amazon

This battery-operated sonic wand emits sonic waves — which circulate 100 times per second — to exfoliate skin and remove fine hairs, which results in smoother, softer skin. Not only do users find that this makes makeup going on easier and more evenly, it can also reduce breakouts, which is just yet another reason to love it.


12. This Caffeine-Infused Cream For Ridding Eyes Of Dark Circles

Skin2Spirit Caffeine Eye Cream, $20, Amazon

Who needs cappuccinos when you can use a moisturizer to wake up? Well, maybe not exactly — but with this vegan eye cream, which is infused with green tea, caffeine and hyaluronic acid, you can give the sensitive skin around your eyes a jolt of energy that can help reduce swelling and make your under eyes appear brighter.


13. An Eye Mask To Give Screen-Tired Eyes A Break

Vanity Planet Eye Mask, $17, Amazon

Most of us spend all day long staring at computer screens and smartphones, so it makes sense that eyes get tired after a while. With this comfy eye mask, you can give your eyes the much-needed break they've been needing, plus alleviate symptoms of congestion and sinus pressure. Each mask can be frozen or heated up and comes with gel beads, which contour to fit the face. The band on this is also adjustable, so it's extra comfortable to wear.


14. This Invigorating Shampoo Bar That's Great On Dry Or Oily Hair

Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar, $16, Amazon

Whether you've got a dry, itchy scalp or oily hair, this shampoo bar is a must-have no matter your hair type. Also if you love saving a few bucks, rejoice — this bar equals three bottles of your regular shampoo. It contains natural ingredients like neem and Karanja oils, which really help to combat the signs of dandruff, and can even make oily, dull hair look fresher. Available in a wide variety of scents, including kiwi, this is safe to use on color-treated hair and is definitely TSA-friendly.


15. A Way To Keep The Ice Flowing When You're Short On Freezer Space

Genie Ice Cube Maker, $7, Amazon

When you've got a crammed freezer, the thought of adding an ice tray to it can be annoying, since it might require a whole lot of freezer Tetris to pull it out. Not the case with this innovative ice cube maker, which is made from silicone and has a dual-chamber design, so it actually holds 120 ice cubes at once. You can also use it to cool champagne or other drinks, so it's a real hit at parties.


16. This Formula For Repairing Damaged Nails And Restoring Their Strength

Probelle Nail Hardener Formula 1, $14, Amazon

Cure and reverse the effects of damage on nails with this hardening formula from Probelle. When used on a daily basis, this prevents and corrects thin nails from breaking and cracking, because it creates a protective barrier over the nail. "I have thin nails that need a lot of support," wrote one reviewer. "... Now, my nails are so much healthier and stronger and they don't break as easily and they look great!"


17. A Multi-Finish Powder That'll Leave You Smelling Sweet As A Peach

SKINFOOD Multi-Finish Powder, $12, Amazon

You'll be feeling just peachy after you try out this Korean beauty secret, a multi-finish powder that smells lightly of peaches and works to mattify skin with or without makeup. Reviewers recommend using it with a kabuki brush to get the best benefits. Others say it's perfect for combination skin and a total game-changer. One reviewer wrote: "I love this finishing powder. After I’m done with my face and lightly pat this all over my face to leave a soft, airbrushed finish."


18. These Cloth Hair Rollers That'll Give You Curls To Die For

SYQ Cloth Hair Rollers, $14 (20 Pack), Amazon

Who has time to use a hot tool in the morning? With these cloth rollers, you can prepare for curls or mermaid waves at night — and even do it when your hair is only 80 percent dry. Each pack comes with 20, and you just need to roll sections of hair depending on how tight you want curls — use less for a more wavy effect and more for a coiled look. There's no heat required to get these curls to stay in place, which is huge because using heat styling products can damage hair and lead to breakage. That's not about to happen with these, which is a big reason why so many millennials are using them.


19. A Memory Foam Pillow That Is Made For Anyone Who Sits All Day

Coop Home Goods Back Cushion, $25, Amazon

You might think that one memory foam back cushion is as good as any other, but you'd be wrong about that — because this back cushion is totally unlike any other one you've ever used before. The reason it's so unique? It's made with activated charcoal, which helps thermoregulate the pillow while also making sure your cushion doesn't start to smell, even with regular use. You can lean back, get incredible lumbar support, and even make long plan rides more comfortable — and the cover is machine washable as well.


20. A Sports Bottle With An Infuser And A Juicer

Ochoice Sports Bottle And Infuser, $11, Amazon

If you don't enjoy drinking plain water but need to stay hydrated, this sports bottle is pretty darn brilliant. It comes with a juicer so you can squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice right into your water wherever you are, and it even has a space to infuse fruits into it for a refreshing kick. It's made of durable materials and is also leakproof, so you can take this to the gym without worrying about spills.


21. A Credit Card Holder For Your Smartphone That's So Unbelievably Convenient

SINJIMORU Credit Card Holder, $8, Amazon

It can be a huge pain in the neck to remember to grab your phone and your wallet when you're in a hurry, but this practical little card holder is a way to keep things a little more organized. It uses a strong adhesive that'll stick to the back of your phone case, and is roomy enough to safely store credit cards, money, keys, and plenty of other stuff. This also is compatible with most Android and iPhone models, and the flap also protects your information from high-tech hackers.


22. These Salad Tongs That'll Do All The Work For You

Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad Tongs, $15, Amazon

Ever find yourself craving a crisp, fresh salad — but the work that goes into making one is enough to put you off the task altogether? You're in luck, because these salad tongs basically do all the work for you. The stainless steel blades easily chop through any ingredient right in the bowl, and then you can toss the salad with these as well. That means fewer dishes and equipment — and the super soft handle and locking device make this tool a must-have for your kitchen.


23. A Set Of Magnetic Eyelashes So You Can Have Fuller, More Dramatic Lashes

AsaVea Magnetic Eyelashes, $20 (8 Pairs), Amazon

Want fuller, more dramatic lashes but hate the thought of having to use glue or extensions? With these cult-favorite eyelashes, you won't need either because they use magnets to attach comfortably to the eyes: just clip one on top of your natural lashes and another on the bottom for them to connect. Lightweight and soft, these glamorous falsies are also reusable.


24. This Party Game That'll Have You Wondering — WTF?!

WTF Did You Say A Party Game, $25, Amazon

You'll really get to learn a lot about your friends with this ridiculous game, which is designed to put your dignity and morality to the test. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, this game works best in a larger group and can be fun to bust out during a large get-together, except unlike Cards Against Humanity, it offers more personalization.


25. A Portable Power Bank That You Can Take On Camping Trips

CXLiy Portable Charger Power Bank, $30, Amazon

Running out of juice for your phone without an outlet in sight is a common problem for a lot of millennials. Fortunately, having a portable power bank like this solves that problem instantly. It also comes with dual flashlights, which is perfect if you're camping and visibility is an issue, plus three outputs, a smart digital display, and more capacity than you'll probably ever really need to use.


26. These Pods That Eat Away At Tough, Stubborn Odors

Gearhalo Deodorizer Pods, $20, Amazon

Stubborn smells can really end up lingering in shoes, gym bags, and more — but with these deodorizer pods, you kill the bacteria that causes the odor and leave things feeling fresher than ever. Specifically made for sports equipment and uniforms, they also add a fresh scent and wick away moisture to keep things from becoming damp. When they seem like they need a refresher, you can recharge them out in the sun and they'll start to work their best again.


27. A Face Mask That'll Put You In Touch With Your Vampy Side

Ladykin Vanpir Water Mask, $16, Amazon

You don't have to be a creature of darkness to have smooth, ultra-elastic skin — especially when you have this Vanpir face mask. It's formulated with coconut oil, bamboo extract, and a blend of rich vitamins and extracts that'll boost your skin's resiliency, brighten it, and minimize pores. You won't be a vampire exactly, but this mask can definitely put you in touch with your dark side (in a good way). It even can control oil throughout the day — if you're the kind of vampire that can go out in sunlight.


28. These Wine Glasses That Are Seriously Unbreakable

Asobu StackNGo Unbreakable Wine Glasses, $15 (Set of 2), Amazon

You probably won't believe at first that these wine glasses are unbreakable, especially if you (or your roommates) have gone through several other sets before. But these glasses are made from durable. BPA-free plastic — and even fold down so you can stack them, meaning they're perfect for picnics or outdoor events.


29. A Massager That'll Make Aching Feet Feel So Much Better

Moji Foot Massager, $40, Amazon

Revitalize your aching heels and feet with this DIY massager, which was created to deliver targeted relief from pain. The slip-resistant base means you can use it on most surfaces, and the stainless steel balls move 360-degrees to get rid of tight knots and even add a little bit of a cooling effect. It also weighs under one pound, so it's easy to travel with.


30. This Waterproof Camera Float You'll Definitely Want To Take On Vacation

Tethys Camera Float, $13, Amazon

More than 600 reviewers on Amazon give this camera float high marks, with people loving it for its buoyancy, multi-functionality, and compatibility with most devices, including GoPros, Canons, and other cameras. Soft, durable, and designed to fit on your wrist, this isn't just for use with a camera, either. "I attached it to my phone, which was in a waterproof bag, to go snorkeling with, and it helped me keep track of the phone without worrying about it falling off," one reviewer revealed.


31. A Gel Peel That'll Make You Feel Like You Just Left An Esthetician's Office

Perfect Image Glycolic Acid Peel, $30, Amazon

Professionally formulated to penetrate the deepest layers of skin and plump up and hydrate skin, this glycolic peel also increases skin's absorption rate and promotes collagen production — which can have a huge impact on the fullness and softness of your complexion. This peel is like having an esthetician right at home, but at a much more affordable cost. It's also made with green tea extract and chamomile, which even enhances sun protection and works as an antibacterial ingredient.


32. This Portable Speaker That Delivers Crystal-Clear Sound

AOMAIS Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $27, Amazon

Get stereo-quality sound from this portable speaker, which is Bluetooth-enabled and can pair with your tablet or smartphone easily. At under 10 ounces, this speaker is incredibly lightweight, but also comes with a handy climbing carabiner — so you can carry it all over. It also has a rechargeable battery and microphone, which means you can answer phone calls while still going hands-free the whole time.

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