These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best New Moon In Aries & They're Ready To Live Their Best Life

by Valerie Mesa

It's a new year, as per the astrological calendar, which means we're officially in Aries season. Now, if you haven't been feeling the red-hot surge of passion, things are about to change. On that note, these three zodiac signs will have the best new moon in Aries 2019, and they're ready for a new beginning: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. BTW, if what I mentioned above regarding the Aries vibes resonated with you, then just know, the wait is over. I know what you're thinking... isn't Aries season supposed to fire us up? Totally. However, given that Aries season kicked off in the midst of Mercury retrograde, its energy has been clouded by Neptune's fog.

Something else I want to point out: the sun (ego and identity) and Chiron (wounded healer) have been sitting close to each other since the full moon in Libra. So, imagine, the energy of Neptune is dreamy and ambiguous, and Chiron is sort of like a burden we carry within us, so it's almost impossible to feel assertive in times like this. However, as I previously mentioned, things are about to change, and I dare to say that we will start feeling a difference after the new moon in Aries on April 5, 2019.

Now, while I normally would refer to the new moon in Aries as the perfect kick start, I'm going to call it something a little different. This is precisely because it will be making a square to Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node. So, instead of a fresh start, this new moon will serve as a reminder to channel your strength and push through any obstacle or boundary holding you back from living your best life. Granted, new moons are a symbol of new beginnings, but this energy will also provide you with an entirely different perspective, as well as a sense of leadership.

I'm not going to lie, if you're someone who prefers sticking to your comfort zone or taking the easy way out, then you might find this energy to be quite challenging. Truth is, you never really know until you try, and that is the beauty of Aries. Its cardinal fire is bold and fearless, and that is the very same fire we have to channel during this time. Yes, being a leader takes a lot of courage, but believe it or not, we all have a little bit of it within us.

On that note, here's what the new moon has in store for the fire signs:

Aries: You're Moving Up In The World

Chin up, Aries. Pisces season was rough, but the sun is in your territory now. What do your goals look like? Which way is north? The new moon will bring new beginnings to your sense of self, but there's something you need to let go of in regard to your professional path, and destiny in the world. Who knows, some of you might begin a new career venture and perhaps push through a boundary related to your public reputation.

Leo: You're Letting Go Of Bad Habits

Oh, Leo. Everywhere the light touches is your kingdom. There's really nothing you can't do, and you're the only thing standing in the way of your happiness. What needs to be implemented into your current routine? What needs to be let go of? You've got a whole new perspective on life these days and you're finally being true to your sparkling authenticity, so what's next?

Sagittarius: You're Finally Living Your Truth

Enjoying Jupiter's blessings, Sag? Whether it be your ego or what brings you most comfort, there is something holding you back from living your highest purpose. This could be related to your values, finances, or shared resources, but once you push through this obstacle, you will be ready to shine like the superstar that you are. Remember your worth, Sagittarius.