These 3 Signs Will Have The Worst Luck In Love This Month, But Don't Fret

by Cosmo Luce

The truth is, there's no such thing as bad fortune — not really, not even for these zodiac signs with the worst luck in love during March. When terrible things happen, it can simply be the universe stepping in to cause a necessary change. Every change looks like loss at first glance. Some losses are more painful than others. But in reality, loss is simply a process of shedding skins.

At every milestone along your life's journey, you reach an intersection where you can decide if you want to stay on the same course or hop off. Sometimes, the universe comes along to push you off a path that wasn't working for you, even if it isn't clear that you're receiving outside intervention at that particular time.

But at times like that, when the universe feels unfair, when it seems like fortune has left your side, keep walking. Watch the lay of the land as it unfolds before you. Maintain careful track of your story. It might just be that the lesson is unfolding more slowly than you had hoped for. It might be that your life is changing gradually because slow, enormous growth is all you can withstand. When you look up, weeks or months or even years from now, the lesson will be clear, and you'll be astounded by how far you've managed to travel along the way.

Taurus (April 19 To May 20)

Change is painful for you, Taurus — and change in relationships is no different. As a fixed earth sign, you're one of the most stubborn in the zodiac. It's as tough for you to let go of a perceived wrongdoing as it is for you to move on. But the universe is pushing you forward, one way or another. Are you going to keep your head down and keep charging forward? Or will you erupt, kicking and blazing, out of your rodeo stall?

Whichever way you choose to react to the chaos that's being thrown your way will be the right way. As a good friend once said to me, "Sometimes, you need to pop off." Just don't forget to breathe.

Cancer (June 22 To July 22)

You're so close to reaching something you've been wishing for in your love life, Cancer, and yet it still seems like your dream is so far. This last year has been a deep journey for you, into the heart of your dreams and desires. And just when it seems like you're finally reaching the pinnacle of your success, the universe pulls back its treasures and dangles them just out of your grasp.

Whether or not you choose to perceive a temporary delay as loss will be up to you. Just know that if you choose to let the jewels go, you might not have really wanted them in the first place. So don't go crying sour grapes about what you never really desired anyway. Take the lessons, and don't forget to bring your stepping stool next time.

Libra (Sep. 22 To Oct. 23)

You'd never claim to be a control freak, Libra. If anyone ever accused you of clinging too tightly, you'd probably point out the many directions you're simultaneously running in. But the truth is that your tendency to scurry off is your attempt to balance the scales when they're tipping. This month, the universe is going to make you stay in one place.

Although you might physically be traveling far this month, your heart is going to stay in a single location. You will probably find it infuriating — the fact that your mind won't budge from what your heart feels right now. Sit in the discomfort. Push through the suffering. This anguish will pass, and you will find your joy again. And you'll revel all the more in your happiness knowing that it's temporary. Joni Mitchell was right: You don't always know what you've got until it's gone.

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