These 20 Kim Kardashian Hair Transformations Show She's Rocked Every Look Imaginable

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There's no question that Kim Kardashian has become a legit style icon over the last decade. She's truly become a trendsetter in the style world and maybe that's because her looks are always so fierce and unpredictable. Um, remember her iconic Met Gala look from this past year? She rocked a nude dress that literally looked like it was dripping with jewels. On top of that, Kardashian's hair had this wet look that left all her fans in awe over how beautiful it was. While Kardashian's natural hair color may be jet black, it hasn't stopped the reality star and beauty guru from switching it up and experimenting with everything from platinum blonde and bubblegum pink, to mint green. Over the past 15-plus years, KKW has pretty much tried every hue and style imaginable. I've rounded up 20 Kim Kardashian hair transformations that will give you all the inspo.

Yes, I've only included Kardashian's best hair transformations, because if I were to talk about all of Kim Kardashian's different hairstyles over the years, well, you'd be reading forever, and you probably don't want that, right? It was definitely hard to choose just a few of Kardashian's most iconic hairstyles, but I think you'll love what I've picked out.

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