These 12 Tweets About Scout In WeatherTech's Super Bowl Commercial Will Make You Say "Aw"

Can I get a "D'awww?" I thought the most emotional I'd get while watching this year's Super Bowl would be if the Pats won yet again and my local, friendly neighborhood Pats super-fan friend would continue to be annoying AF for another year. But I was dead wrong — and it looks like the rest of America agrees with me. In fact, these tweets about Scout in WeatherTech's Super Bowl commercial prove that this Super Bowl isn't about accomplishing the impossible, but rather, the impawsible.

WeatherTech founder David MacNeil underscores one of his greatest passions, his love for dogs, in his latest Super Bowl commercial. The ad promotes his newest line: PetComfort pet-feeding bowls. According to Forbes, the bowls are also premium in terms of the safety of the materials, canine ergonomics and price. The commercial follows the journey of Scout, Macneil's own pup, along with his son Cooper and daughter Devon. According to Sportscar365, MacNeil says he was inspired to create the pet feeding system after losing his last three dogs to cancer. After researching the harmful toxins that can exist in pet bowls, he resolved to make a change.

I think I speak for all pet lovers alike when I say — Thank you, MacNeil. This commercial, along with the new feeding bowl, is a gift.

1He's Beloved By All

Fans of the game are falling in woof with him.

2Who's A Good Boy?

He's got star quality and street smarts! Atta boy.

3He's Racking Up The "Pet" Names

I don't know if I'd choose the word booger, but he definitely is beautiful!

4He's Making Some New Friends

Hey, buddy! Can you hear? Do you see me? Does this count as FaceTiming?

5We Have A Prodigy In Our Midst

I'll just say what we're all thinking: Scout 2020?

6Are You Guys Hiring?

Dogs roaming the halls? Riding the elevator up and down? Sounds like my kind of work environment! Are you guys hiring?

7Love At First Bark

So nice to see some fair canine representation at the Super Bowl this year. Great bark, you guys!

8Take ALL My Money

If loving commercials featuring adorable golden retrievers is wrong, I don't want to be right!

9A Big Furry Hug

I'm pretty sure they meant to say... pretty "paw"-some!

10A Lab's In Love

D'aww. This Super Bowl is shaping up to be less "ruff" than I was expecting!

11The Bruce Is Loose

Scout turned out to be such a heartthrob, he has puppies all over America swooning at the TV. I guess you could call him a "catch!"

12Josie Has Cast Her Vote

Let's just say that if the Super Bowl commercials were a race to the finish line, Scout's chances of coming in first place would be "golden!"

One thing is for sure: One way to win over the Super Bowl crowd is by creating a product with a whole lot of heart. That's exactly what WeatherTech did: MacNeil didn't just create a bowl — he created a super bowl. And by doing so, he didn't just win over pups all across America, but their owners as well. By purchasing one of WeatherTech's new PetComfort pet-feeding bowls, you're not only investing in your dog's happiness, but in its health as well. If Scout taught us anything, it's that sometimes, you need to go the extra mile to remind your lil bud that you "woof" him with all of your heart.