The ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Finale Trailer Is As Intense As it Gets

by Ani Bundel

Since Dolores' arrival into the real world, Westworld Season 3 has been intense. For the revenge plays against those who abused Dolores, to the showdown with Maeve in Mexico, this season has rarely let up. As the season finale arrives, there are dozens of loose ends desperate to be tied up, and yet, with Season 4 already greenlit, a knowledge that nothing will fully be resolved. The Westworld Season 3 finale trailer promises an episode that will touch on everything, though, even as it prepares viewers for another round in 18 months' time. Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 3 follow.

The final moments of Westworld Season 3's penultimate episode once again left viewers on a cliffhanger. But for once, it was one as intense as the show has gotten. Dolores and Maeve, the show's two main hosts figures, had collapsed in a pile, and Dolores has already lost an arm. Viewers assume Dolores will somehow make it out of there, but the final trailer suggests her resurrection will not be easy.

As for Maeve, the trailer does not hint at how she survives, but she also wasn't losing the fight when Dolores pressed the button that made both collapse in a heap.

The final episode this season is entitled "Crisis Theory," and the synopsis is as puzzling as ever:

Time to face the music.

With a title like that, this will hopefully be an episode where composer Ramin Djawadi pulls out all the stops on the soundtrack. It would match the trailer if he did, since the footage, from a bloodied William to a skeletal Dolores suggests this episode will be pulling out all the stops as well.

Seeing both Dolores and Maeve upright and ready to fight again is a good sign of both's survival.? But what about Bernard as Stubbs? Last viewers saw, the two of them were being held at gunpoint by William, who had a new purpose in life: Kill all hosts. The trailer certainly looks like he offs at least one, if not both. The blood spatters on his outfit that follows seem like neither could have survived.

But this is Westworld, where it's never clear what's a fake-out, who is when, and if this is now or not. Hopefully, after the final Sunday episode, there will be answers.