The 'Westworld' Season 3, Episode 2 Promo Hints At Which Hosts Have Left The Park


Westworld's return to the airwaves couldn't have come at a better time. The Season 3 premiere took the story out of the park and into the present-day for the first time. The year, as the show's new hashtag revealed, is 2058, and flying cars are just the tip of the technology iceberg. The series did promise it wasn't leaving the Delos parks behind altogether. But the Westworld Season 3, Episode 2 promo hinted the hosts who are out and about might not have free reign for as long as they'd hoped. Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 3 follow.

When Dolores left the park enclosures at the end of Season 2, she did so in a replica body of Delos executive director Charlotte Hale. In her purse, there were five more "marbles" of the downloaded personalities of specific hosts she wanted to take with her. In all, six hosts are operating outside the park. By the time the Season 2 finale ended, Dolores had recreated her body, placed a different host inside Charlotte, and revealed Bernard was one of the other marbles.

The Season 3 premiere also introduced one of the new host-clones she created. It's of a man named Conells, the body man to Incite's CEO Liam Dempsey Jr. That's three marbles accounted for out of six.

But who are the hosts inside Charlotte and Conells? And who are the other three? The Westworld promo for the "Weeks Ahead" has suggestions.

Whoever it is inside Charlotte seems to be a more gentle sort. Perhaps Dolores rescued Clementine Pennyfeather? Dolores also had an ally in Angela, the greeter host turned killer in Season 2. Meanwhile, Maeve has ideas of her own, asking one host if it's Teddy inside.

The original Teddy attempted to take himself out at the end of last season, horrified by what Dolores was demanding of him. But someone with a core drive to follow her is what Dolores needs right now. Though the Season 2 finale suggested he'd been left in the Forge to live in peace, that could have been misdirection.

Maeve is the only host who is definitely not part of Dolores' plan. As the post-credit sequence revealed, she's still in the park, trapped in War World. But for how long? The trailer suggests she'll soon be out in the real world as well, ready to take down Dolores and her minions before the season is out.