Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen

The 'Watchmen' Season 1 Finale Promo Will Leave You So Shook

by Ani Bundel

"How does it end?" asks Angela in Watchmen Season 1, Episode 8, "A God Walks Into Abar." Doctor Manhattan sighs: "Tragically." Angela cocks her head quizzically. After all, Manhattan just told her they would be together 10 years before it all comes to a crashing halt. "You wanna be a little more specific?" Manhattan does not. Nor, for that matter, does the series. The end is coming, and it will be tragic. How sad exactly, fans don't know yet. But the Watchmen Season 1 finale promo suggests that it could be the end for everyone. Warning: Spoilers for Watchmen follow.

Episode 8 was another trip back in time for the series. Watchmen has spent the last three installments filling viewers in on the backstories of its three superheroes: Hooded Justice, Sister Night, and now, Doctor Manhattan. The good news is everyone has caught up to the current timeline, just in time for the end.

The bad news is the 7th Kalvary is on Angela's doorstep, and they've at least taken Manhattan prisoner, if not outright killed him. But over across town, Lady Trieu's Millennium Clock is fully operational and ready to stop them from stealing Manhattan's abilities, with Hooded Justice's help.

And far away, on Europa, Adrian Veidt might have already escaped. The post-credit sequence in the penultimate episode revealed his cloned servants had hidden away tools for him inside the endless cakes Crookshanks bakes for him.

So how does it end?

The title for the season finale is "See How They Fly." Though it's not clear what the reference is, my first guess would be the lyric from The Beatles' "I Am The Walrus." But fans will have to wait and see next week if that's the case. As for the synopsis:

Everything ends. For real, this time.

The synopsis is a reference to the end of the Watchmen comic books, from the scene where Doctor Manhattan leaves Adrian Veidt's arctic residence. Much like Angela, Veidt wants to know how it all turns out, and if his bid to bring world peace will work out in the long term: "I did the right thing, didn't I? It all worked out in the end."

To which Doctor Manhattan famously responds: "Nothing ever ends."

Maybe that was true then, but it's not now. Everything will end. For real, this time. The only question is if there will be any survivors when it's all over.