Here Are Videos Of Ariana Grande & Matt Bennett Singing 'Victorious' Songs

These Videos Of Ariana & Matt Bennett Singing 'Victorious' Songs Will Give You Feels

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Victorious fans are in for some glorious nostalgia. Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett had a sweet reunion, and it was filled with some old school Nickelodeon jams. You can see all the fun go down in these videos of Ariana Grande and Matt Bennet singing Victorious songs.

The former co-stars met up for a sweet reunion at the "Happiest Place on Earth," aka, Disneyland, and decided to sing a few songs from Victorious, including “Freak the Freak Out” and “All I Want Is Everything.”

Bennett shared clips of their duet on his Instagram stories. It seems like the pair missed their co-star Victoria Justice at one point, as Bennett shouted her out in a video. "Victoria Justice we need you," he captioned the video.

An excited fan shared the video clips together on Twitter with the caption, "ARIANA GRANDE AND MATT BENNETT VIA MATT'S INSTAGRAM STORIES TONIGHT, O M F G."

They sound almost as excited as a fan who didn't want to be "that person" taking a photo of Grande and Bennett at Disneyland, but did it anyway. In this day and age, receipts are important.

"Hate myself for this but I just saw Ariana Grande and (more importantly) Matt Bennett getting off Space Mountain," she captioned the photo.

Despite the amount of time that's passed since Victorious ended in February 2013, Grande and Bennett have remained close friends. Bennett even made a cameo in Grande's music video for "One Last Time" in February 2015.

Then, in November 2018, Bennett made another surprise appearance in Grande's celebrity-filled, 2000s-themed music video for "Thank U, Next." Bennett played her love interest as the former co-stars parodied Bring It On's iconic bathroom scene.

Ariana Grande / YouTube

A year later, on Nov. 19, 2019, to be exact, Grande surprised her fans by bringing Bennett out during a concert in Atlanta, Georgia. He and Grande gave everyone Victorious flashbacks as they performed "I Think You're Swell" together.

Grande and Bennett clearly enjoy hanging out and singing together. Victorious fans should take this as a good sign. While the show is long over, it looks like fans have more reunions to look forward to in the future.