Kris Jenner Passes The Kardashian Christmas Party Down To Kim In This Emotional Clip

by Hollee Actman Becker
Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember back in December 2018 when we found out that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were taking over for Kris Jenner as hosts of the annual K-fam Christmas party? We knew that whatever they had planned for the big night was going to be major. Like, John-Legend-performing-songs-off-his-Christmas-album major. Which totally happened, by the way. You know what else happened? Kimye made it snow! So epic. What we didn't get to see was all the behind-the-scenes drama re: the passing of the torch. Until now. Because we now have a video of Kris Jenner passing the Christmas party down to Kim and lemme tell you, it's super emotional.

In a clip from a new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we finally got to see the momager's reaction when her daughter sat her down and hijacked her holiday crown.

"Our Christmas Eve party was just this fun party," Kardashian explained of what the party used to be during her childhood in a confessional. "I just remember it being friends and family and my grandparents and cousins. And it was just the best night ever. But my mom's been doing it for so long that it's turned into something different."

I get that, Kim. I really do.

The beauty mogul then popped a squat with Mama Kris in the kitchen and laid it on the line. "The time has come that maybe we switch the location [of the party] and we have it here at our house," she told her. "I know Kanye, like, loves to put things together, so if he knows that we're doing a Christmas Eve party he'll, like, have so many ideas. We just have a different vibe and different energy. And we all collectively, all the siblings, feel that way."

Ouch! I mean, my heart was actually breaking for Jenner when this all went down.

"So, I'm outnumbered," she responded with tears in her eyes. "Well, that makes me sad."

YouTube/ Keeping Up With The Kardashians

"I want you to, like, give us your blessing," Kardashian then told her. "I don't want to, like, just steal it from you."

And even though Jenner was crying and clearly super bummed, she chose to take this road.

"No, I want you guys to be able to do this 'til you're my age and one of your kids takes over," she said. "That's the whole... that's the joy. It's just the thought of actually not doing it at my house. It makes me sad. It does. It makes me so sad. You know, it's just that magic that you can make, and make everybody feel so amazing on one night a year. It's that love."

And since Keeks is not a robot, she then broke down and started crying, too.

"It's just a party," she told her mom.

"I know, but it's not just a party," Jenner replied. "It's changing of the guards."


Honestly, this whole thing made me wish Kardashian had just let her mom keep having the damn party at Casa Jenner. Of course, then we would have been robbed of these amazing clips of Kim K and Paris Hilton going "down the sled" on a faux snow hill at the West compound on Xmas Eve:

We also got this pic of Jenner and Hilton over on Jenner's Instagram, so it looks like Mama K was finally able to take the changing of the guard in stride and was able to have a very merry holiday, after all.