EXO Taught Dustin & Lucas From ‘Stranger Things’ Their “Love Shot” Moves In This Cute Video

Watching a whole series non-stop has its pros and cons. Obviously, the good thing about it is that you find out what happens to your fave characters right away, but the bad part is that you don't know what to do with your life after you're done watching. Like everyone else with a Netflix account, I just finished watching Stranger Things 3 and have been asking myself the same question ever since — now what? Well, to satisfy my Stranger Things cravings, I've been watching any and every video related to the series on YouTube, including the latest video of EXO teaching Stranger Things' Dustin and Lucas "Love Shot"s choreography. Talk about an epic crossover! Whether you're a fan of EXO or Stranger Things (or both, like me), you need to watch the video because it's literally so amazing.

While they were in South Korea doing promotions for Stranger Things, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin met up with EXO's Kai and Suho at SM Entertainment's headquarters, which could only mean one thing — Matarazzo and McLaughlin were about to learn some K-Pop choreography. Sounds really intimidating, right?

To break the ice, Kai asked the boys if they've ever learned how to dance. McLaughlin revealed that he's learned ballet before, while Matarazzo replied with, "I don't got to dance. I just yell and run around a lot!" Hilarious.

But based on Matarazzo beginning his career on Broadway — yes, Broadway — before he was even 10 years old and then landing a role on one of the biggest series ever on Netflix, I think he could hold his own learning a few dance moves.

After talking for a bit, Kai and Suho did a run-through of the "Love Shot" choreography. Matarazzo and McLaughlin seemed kind of intimidated at first (I mean, who wouldn't be? It's Kai and Suho!), but then began to really focus on the EXO members' dance moves. Seeing how much detail there was in the choreography, McLaughlin said, "It is a lot of body movement."

Kai then told Matarazzo that he'll be doing the same choreography he just did, which made the Stranger Things star look so terrified. Like, his soul may or may not have left his body at that moment.

Just look at Matarazzo's reaction and tell me that's not what it looked like:

EXO YouTube Channel


Before launching into the choreo, Matarazzo said, "I'm confident in my ability to not do this right." Uh, literally me with anything I do.

Then, slowly but surely, the Stranger Things stars started to learn the "Love Shot" dance, and as they did, they also began to form friendships with the members of EXO. First of all, both Suho and Kai acknowledged that McLaughlin is a born dancer, as he picked up every move with an impressive lack of effort. By the end of it, I'm pretty sure a few bromances were actually born, like the one between Kai and Matarazzo and the one between Suho and McLaughlin. Adorable.

You can watch the full video below.

Welp, there goes another Stranger Things video in my YouTube history. Excuse me while I go replay that "NeverEnding Story" scene from Stranger Things again for, like, the hundredth time.