ARMYs Are Sobbing With Joy Over This Video Of BTS & TXT Performing "Boy With Luv" Together


It's an exciting thing to see one band take the stage for a kick*$$ live performance. But two at the same time? Totally major. And that's exactly what happened during the April 25 episode of Mnet's M Countdown, which is a music chart show that's kinda like the Korean equivalent of TRL — or at least what TRL was like during its late '90s heyday. Anyway, both of BigHit Entertainment's boy bands were in the house. And the video of BTS and TXT performing "Boy With Luv" together on M Countdown after BTS earned their fourth win for the hit single will have all the ARMYs and Young Ones out there stanning so hard.

I mean, BTS and TXT together? I can't even. But before we get to their epic on-stage collab, lemme give you a bit of background about how the incredible moment came to be. See, TXT had their comeback stage for "Cat & Dog" on the show. And if you thought the just-released music video for the side-b tune from their mini-album The Dream Chapter: Star was impressive, you really need to see the clip of the live rendition ASAP because TXT's choreography was totally on-point and the five boys pretty much crushed their performance.

Check it out:

I just love everything about this fun, upbeat staging, and I am especially living for Hueningkai in those pointy yellow cat ears.

YouTube/Mnet K-POP

Meanwhile, BTS was in the house to perform "Boy With Luv." They killed it, of course. And it's also worth noting that 1) the boys' performance earned them a perfect score and 2) V was looking seriously handsome with his new black hair.

After their big win, BTS stayed on stage for their encore performance. And — now here's where things got really interesting — the boys motioned for TXT to stay on stage with them!

Watch it all go down here:

Amazing, right? I am seriously loving all the BTS and TXT interactions in this clip! The TXT boys just looked so mesmerized to even be there on stage with their iconic labelmates, which totally makes sense since they are still on the come-up. It's nice to see BTS 100 percent supporting them and in their corner. The whole thing was just so sweet and thoughtful.

Did you see Jin trying to hand the mic over to Hueningkai and get him to sing? Hueningkai was so cute and flustered that he just kinda handed it back to Jin and continued cheering BTS on in the background.


Of course, all the ARMYs and Young Ones on Twitter were super hype to see all the interactions between the bands, too.

Let's take a look at some of their tweets

It’s obvious that BTS and TXT have so much love for one another, and that all 12 of the performers were so excited to be on the stage together for the very first time.

Will we get a repeat performance when they're both on tour in America?

A stan can dream, can't she?