This New Instagram Of Pups & UPS Drivers Meeting Will Bring All The Feels

by Collette Reitz

You know how you get all excited when you return home from work to find a package waiting for you on your doorstep? Well, it turns out that a lot of UPS drivers get just as excited to roll up to your house when there are playful pups awaiting their arrival. If you want proof, look no further than the UPS Dogs Instagram account.

According to Good Housekeeping, the adorable photos that you'll find on the Facebook group called UPS Dogs are now also available for double-tap likes on Instagram. The Facebook group was started five years ago by a UPS driver, Sean McCarren. Good Housekeeping reports that McCarren has been a UPS driver for 17 years, and he ranks meeting dogs along his routes as one of the highlights of his day. McCarren started the UPS Dogs Facebook group as a way for drivers to share with one another the special interactions they have with the dogs along their respective routes.

Don't worry about missing out on the pics of these precious pups if crazy political debates and fake news have turned you off of Facebook. All you need to do to keep up the drivers' best puppy pals is to follow UPS Dogs on Instagram.

Believe me, it is definitely worth following. Just take a look at the driver-dog friendships that have made their way to UPS Dogs over the years.

This pup is in the truck, and the UPS driver does not mind one bit.

Why? Because they're friends.

This Kentucky dog is so cute, he doesn't even need a truck in the shot.

I'd become a UPS driver solely to see this adorable pup, even despite the fact that brown is so not my color.

Treats will definitely keep a dog by your side.

Hey, if he's a good boy, then he deserves them!

Oh, there's also some goats just casually hanging around.

Furry friendships aren't exclusive to dogs.

If you're pausing halfway through this post to research how to become a UPS driver, I totally get it.

Seriously, these drivers look like they're besties with all the doggos. They treat the pups like good friends, too. There's many pictures of drivers doling out treats for their furry friends along their routes, and a lot of the pups know they're coming, so they adorably run right up to the UPS truck when it arrives.

UPS really knows how to hook pups up with the good stuff.

This could be mistaken for an obedience class with how well-behaved these dogs are, just to get a treat.

Breaks were made for playtime with cuties like Buddy.

Even if it's only five or ten minutes, it's a break worth taking. Just look at that playful pup's face.

Since Halloween is coming up, it's time for these dogs to decide what they'll be dressing up as this year. From the looks of the UPS Dogs page, dressing up as their favorite UPS drivers seems to be a very popular choice among the pups.

I really wouldn't care how much I have to pay for shipping if Vader is delivering my package.

Alice is all business when it comes to delivering parcels.

I know, the costumes really put this page over the top in the cuteness category (as if it wasn't cute enough before).

So, now that you know this Instagram account exists, you can use it as an excuse to keep your online shopping habit going strong. Just think, every time you checkout you online cart, you've created another opportunity for your pup to get a treat from their favorite driver. I mean, you wouldn't want to deprive UPS drivers and dogs of these very special (and adorable) friendships now, would you?

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