Peter Dinklage Just Responded To This Major 'GOT' Fan Theory About Tyrion

by Ani Bundel
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the saddest parts about Game of Thrones coming to an end is along with the reveal of the story's ending, all the fan theories that have been around for decades are over. For instance, "The Tyrion Targaryen Theory" has been around since 1998, when A Crown of Kings came out. It sprung from book readers interpreting a line spoken by Rhaegar in a vision Dany has in the House of the Undying, "The Dragon has three heads," to mean a third Targaryen. But now, the Tyrion Targaryen Game Of Thrones theory that sprung from it has been laid to rest.

The theory has been bouncing around Reddit ever since the show began, and book theories invaded the show-watcher landscape. As fans caught on three dragons would need three dragon riders, the question became which character would turn out to be Targaryens and ride them? One of them is Dany. The second is Jon Snow, the original "Sekrit Targ," son of Lyanna Stark not Ned, and the love child born of her and Rhaegar Targaryen.

This left one more character as a secret Targaryen. Many book readers took Tywin's hatred of Tyrion, his declaration he was "no son of mine," and some passing references to the Mad King being lustful towards Tywin's wife Joanna Lannister, and added 2 + 2 together. The resulting theory: Tyrion was actually a Targaryen.

Then, at the Emmy awards this past weekend, Peter Dinklage made a passing remark during his speech:

"My brother from another mother," he calls Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Dinklage is not talking about the story. This is a loving reference to his relationship with a fellow actor, with whom he's played brothers for a decade. He's paying tribute to Coster-Waldau because he just beat the guy out for that statuette.

But fans, being what they are, jumped to conclusions. Did Dinklage just admit Tyrion and Jaime are half-brothers? Will the Tyrion Targaryen Theory be revealed in Season 8?

Dinklage wound up confronted with these questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live! following his win. So he clarified: The answer is no.

The reality is, the Tyrion Targaryen Theory never held water once the show started. A lot of it rested on details that never made it into the series, like Tyrion having mismatched eyes, one of which is Lannister green and the other of which is so dark purple as to be black. Tyrion's hair is also described as so blonde as to be silver.

The show did dye Dinklage's hair in Season 1, but by the next season they'd let it go as a bad decision. They never did the eyes, because Dinklage didn't want any grotesque character details as part of Tyrion's look. (He even refused a beard in the early seasons, as too stereotypical.) The bits about Tywin's wife were never introduced on screen. Rhaegar never appears in the House of the Undying, nor does he say "The Dragon has three heads."

These were red herrings, and the show cut them as such. Now, Dinklage confirms it. R.I.P. Tyrion Targaryen Theory, 1998-2018.

Game of Thrones Season 8 returns in 2019.