The 10 Types Of Friends You'll Inevitably Make Freshman Year Of College

Your freshman year of college is nothing like high school. Sure, you may still use that chic leather backpack, but you can't deny how grown-up you feel. You'll be making your own schedule, living on your terms, studying in your favorite coffee shop near campus, and celebrating every bit of your independence. Your college besties will right by your side through it all. The types of friends you make freshman year might seem totally brand new to you, but personalities like theirs have been cycling through the college experience forever.

Ask any person who has graduated from college about what their freshman year was like, and you'll feel like one of your besties casually made an appearance in their story. There's something about being a freshman that warrants meeting these dynamic personalities right off the bat. Maybe you guys bond in your dorm building, or maybe you're study buddies in Chemistry.

Either way, these friends are great to have, and they help expose you to students who may not be like you at all, but are hustling for that degree just the same. When you're looking back four years from now and thinking about your alma mater, these 10 personalities will sound all too familiar.

The One Who's A Night Owl

You have no idea how this friend manages to make it to their 8 a.m. class after staying up all night, but they do. You'll wish you could have even an ounce of their night owl energy when it's time to cram for exams. Instead, you're left drooling on your midterm paper by 10:30 p.m.

The One Who Makes Procrastination Look Easy

Again, you are in charge of balancing your responsibilities in college, and this friend doesn't mind taking the risk of getting things done at the very last-minute. Two-page paper due in two hours? They'll get it completed with their eyes closed. It's almost like the close call deadlines are what make them excel. Did you miss this tidbit of advice in orientation while you were splurging in the campus store?

The One Who Always Knows Where The Fun's At

You probably met this friend at orientation, and since then, they've let you in on all of the cool campus festivities. They don't care what day of the week it is, if they feel like going on an adventure, they're gone. You love their spontaneity and can't deny that they're living their best life.

The One Who Shows Off Their School Spirit On The Reg

The first time you met this person, they were decked out in your school colors. At all of the sports games, they are sitting front and center cheering on your team. You love that they are so proud to be a student at your school. (You're also very guilty of borrowing their clothes for tailgates.)

The One Who's In A Long-Distance Relationship

While a relationship might be the last thing on your mind, you admire how head-over-heels this friend is with their long-distance bae. You swoon every time you see or hear them talk over Skype, and you let them vent when those frustrating times of separation get the best of them. You've seen this person at their happiest when their boo finally strolled into town.

The One Who's Very Involved On Campus

You're convinced this friend is going to be the next president, because of how they effortlessly manage the student body. They're always advocating for college tuition, and they attend every open discussion that involves student government. Everyone knows who they are, and you're happy to claim them as one of your friends.

The One Who Goes Home Every Weekend

There's always that one friend who lives close enough to drive home every weekend. In fact, you've probably taken that ride with them once or twice, since your hometown isn't that close to campus. It's free (and quite delicious) home-cooked food, so how could you not be interested?

The One Who Studies Enough For The Both Of You

Just when you thought you were going to have your head in the books, this friend gives you a run for your money. They study morning, noon, and night. More power to them. You can't hate on their dedication, and their report cards are proof they mean business.

The One Who Knows All Of The Foodie Hotspots

Finding your go-to food spots on and off campus is a necessity in college. Most of your days are marked by classes and the next time you're going to eat. Campus food can get boring real quick, though.

Luckily, your foodie friend knows all of the best hole-in-the-wall places to grab some yummy grub. Those late night drives for food are going to be memories you'll never forget.

The One Who Turns Into Your First College Crush

This isn't like a star-crossed lovers scenario or anything. It's more like you cross paths because your dorm is up the hall from theirs. You first become friends, which is cool, but those butterflies in your stomach are pointing you in a very different direction. And just like that, you have yourself your first college crush.

You never forget who your first friends are in college. They're about as everlasting as the degree you'll receive come graduation.