Twitter Is Losing It Over This Jonas Brothers Moment In Demi's New Video

Demi Lovato on YouTube

The day Lovatics have been waiting for has finally come. Demi Lovato released her new single "I Love Me" on Friday, March 6, and fans are in their feelings about it, and for good reason. These tweets about the Jonas Brothers' moment in Demi Lovato's "I Love Me" show just how passionate of a fanbase she has, and how they've walked with her through every single challenging moment in her life.

Lovato has been out in full force over the past few months. After taking a year-long break from music to focus on herself following a July 2018 drug overdose left her hospitalized, Lovato made a comeback at the 2020 Grammys where she performed an emotional rendition of the song she wrote in the days that led up to her overdose, "Anyone." She then went on to deliver a powerful performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl, leaving fans waiting for what's to come.

Now that the music video for Lovato's debut single off her upcoming album is finally here, fans are truly freaking out. First of all, the song is all about confronting all the negative feelings you have about yourself so that you can love yourself for who you are. To visualize this powerful message, Lovato confidently walks past major moments from her past, like her singing in Camp Rock to the moment she was rushed to the hospital for her 2018 overdose.

But what had the Twitterverse particularly shook was one reference to her past in particular. Her subtle nod to the Jonas Brothers was not lost on fans. At around the 2:09 mark in the video, Lovato is seen walking past three brown-haired boys in snazzy suits before turning to look back at them with a knowing smile.

While some Twitter users saw it as subtle shade, others think it's just a nod to her putting their past in the past and moving on. Some even think the line she was singing at that moment ("After all the times I went and f*cked it up") might allude to how she feels aout her history with her fellow Disney Channel alums.

Scroll down to see what Lovatics had to say on Twitter about the faux JoBros cameo in the music video.

Lovato absolutely slayed in the "I Love Me" music video. Regardless of how fans are reading into the Jonas Brother's reference, there's no doubt that this song started a new chapter in Lovato's life and career. Check out the whole video below.